My Story: Hamilton Woman Joesy Roberts health journey with LifeEz

My Story: Hamilton Woman Joesy Roberts health journey with LifeEz

I was raised on a large dry stock farm in the Kaimais.

Our diet consisted of a half a sheep a week which had to get eaten because we had no freezer or even power for some years, fresh milk and cream daily, eggs fed on mash and a lot of seasonal vegetables, very few eaten raw. There were bucket loads of seasonal fruits which were mostly preserved in white sugar.  Raspberries and gooseberries were in abundance and all of which were made into jam.

We grew a large vegetable garden consisting of Leeks, beans, new potatoes, carrots, broccoli, silver beet and sweeds.  Lettuce salad was eaten in season.  The dressing of the era was made from condensed milk.  Oils began to be introduced at this time.

Breakfast consisted of sausages, bacon, offal and eggs cooked in animal dripping.  There was baked beans and spaghetti as well.  My parents had no idea of the nutritional composition of foods but followed in the traditions of their own parents.

At Christmas we treasured getting oranges and bananas from the shops.

There was always baking in the tins and never any restrictions on how often or what we ate.  Oh and we made this orange cordial and drank milk from our own cow.  Deserts consisted of rice pudding with preserved fruit, lemon sago, steamed fruit puddings, rolly polly pudding that was a cake base. Yum. We enjoyed our own cream.

By the time I was 19 I realized that food had become my enemy and there began my quest to find the answer. As my slender Mother aged, she began to gain extra pounds and so my first introduction to dieting was to follow a weight watchers diet that she became a life time member of, which initially seemed to work but was so much work.

After having five children which included a set of twins, within six years, the problem escalated. Sore bloated tummies and then constipation.

I was always looking for a quick fix like some weird remedy so that I could feel better and fit my clothes.

Looking back now, I can see that this challenge has been so helpful because after finding the answer and changing my diet. I don’t plan on getting any of the illnesses prevalent in our society today.

I am sorry to say that I spent the money my Grandmother left me when she passed away, on Jenny Craig’s.

Then there was food combining to name a few.

Being a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints where we don’t drink alcohol, but instead, focus a lot on food at functions was not helpful for someone with a food addiction.

The eating disorder consumed me, I am sad to say, that I wasn’t a very spontaneous Mother, enjoying outings with my children, because I didn’t have the same control over food choices when I was out.  Stress triggered me. Sometimes I’d just give up and eat whatever.  This left me in a deep pit the next day and took all my mental energy just to get up and face the day.

Nobody knew about my battle because I was never obese. I’d just think I had things under control and then I’d be back to square one.  I remember going to MacDonald’s and taking my own food.  How sad is that?

My whole reality was controlled by an addiction to food.  I went to overeaters anonymous and that didn’t work long term. I took laxatives and they became an addiction.

I felt so ashamed of myself that Id fast regularly, just to get some control back in my life.

I began to change my diet, to more fruits and vegetables but couldn’t maintain the diet for longer than a week and then I’d have a day eating all the foods I was addicted to.  It became easy to get back to eating right.  I could see small but positive changes happening.

So fast forward to when I heard of a Man from Church who was following a raw vegan diet and what he said started to make sense. That Man are neither carnivores nor grainivores but instead herbivores.  Our teeth were designed along with our intestinal tract, to consume fruits and vegetables.

Every time I had a question and believe me there were many, he would refer me back to the Word of Wisdom which is a modern day health code given through revelation to Joseph Smith the prophet who restored the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints..

In 2015 I met Brent now living on the Gold Coast.   He introduced me to a product that he had recently developed, LifeEz which is made from herbs that have been dried as to not damage the delicate enzymes. At the time I was nursing a broken shoulder, and was desperate for any relief. I started on the product immediately because it ticked all the boxes .LifeEz began to make a difference in my ability to resist the highly processed and animal based foods that I craved.

I began to find hidden treasures of knowledge. At the beginning of 2017 I watched an animal activist documentary on cruelty to animals in the meat, dairy and poultry industry. That did it for me.  I could no longer condone the use of any animal products in any way shape or form.

Transitioning to a whole food plant based diet has taken a lot of courage and determination.  There were times when I felt totally isolated especially at large functions and while eating out with friends.

Brent has been my Mentor now for three years. I no longer need to call him for advice on what not to eat.  It all makes sense as I keep researching a WFPB diet.  My body knows what the best diet is for me.

Many people globally are getting relief from serious health issues and finding enjoyment in life from changing their diet to WFPB.

I am on a roll now.  Truth has given me power to change for good and not look back.

I have spent the good part of my life struggling with my diet.  I am now living a higher vibration and attracting far more abundance into my life.

Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


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