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Taranaki Tourism Operator, Forgotten World Adventures, Invites you to Experience the Five Tunnel Tour

Taranaki Tourism Operator, Forgotten World Adventures, Invites you to Experience the Five Tunnel Tour


By Tristan Hooker/MediaPAdownload-6


In the part of New Zealand known as the Forgotten World, deep within the mysterious valleys and tunnels of Taranaki, Forgotten World Adventures opens the door for visitors to experience this fascinating area in a unique way.


Forgotten World Adventures offers self-driven tours on decommissioned railway lines along the Forgotten World Highway.  A variety of different tours are available, with your choice of motorised rail carts or pedal-powered rail bikes.  Some options include a jet-boat ride.


One adventurous option, the Five Tunnel Tour, is a 32 kilometre tour from the Taumarunui end of the line, self-pedalling two-person rail bikes.


“The Five Tunnel Tour is a new tour we introduced this winter,” says Paul Chaplow, General Manager of Forgotten World Adventures.  “We’ve now decided to run it year-round.  It’s proving to be a popular tour and we’re getting great feedback about it.”


The Five Tunnel Tour takes pedallers 20km over historic bridges, through hill country and native bush.  The five tunnels include three hand built brick tunnels and the longest tunnel, stretching 1.5km.


After travelling one way, guests have their energy replenished with hot soup, a bun, a slice and a hot drink before being turned around on purpose-built turntables for the journey back to the starting point.  Vegetarian meal options are available if instructed in advance.


In a recent review on TripAdvisor, reviewer Diana M said the Forgotten World Adventures Five Tunnel Tour exceeded her expectations.


“Rob, our guide and host was brilliant! Exceptionally knowledgeable and courteous - but aren't all Kiwis well mannered?” said Diana M, adding, “Kudos to Ian Balme, the man who had the inspiration, and founder of Forgotten World Adventures.”


The Five Tunnel Tour check-in time is 9:45am for a 10:00 departure.  Guests are returned to Taumarunui by 2:30pm.




Contact Forgotten World Adventures:


Phone: 0800 RAIL CART (7245 2278)


Email: paul@fwa.co.nz


Website: www.forgottenworldadventures.co.nz


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ForgottenWorldAdventures.co.nz/




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