Taupo Fertiliser Company Uptake is an Industry Leader in a Modern World

Taupo Fertiliser Company Uptake is an Industry Leader in a Modern World

20141029_120813-300x169Taupo-based fertiliser company, Uptake, is becoming well known for what some in the industry might call an ‘alternative’ approach to farm and animal health.


John Davis, CEO of Uptake, agrees that Uptake’s philosophy is outside the realm of what most other fertiliser companies are doing and says that’s exactly the point of difference which sets Uptake apart from its competitors.


Uptake’s approach of putting minerals back into the soil has seen its popularity grow, as farmers look for new ways to satisfy consumers’ increasing appetite for nutritionally balanced food and environmental sustainability.


“What we’re doing is common sense,” says Mr Davis, who started Uptake in 1984 after many years as a farmer.  “Uptake’s business is to return the essential minerals to the soil, in the correct order, to provide healthy, quality, natural produce that is tasty and proven nutritionally sufficient. It’s not complicated.”


Esther Ritmeester, who owns EHC Homeopathy in Tokoroa, agrees with Mr Davis and says using Uptake’s system has enabled her to raise healthy pasture and stock, in line with her philosophy of professionalism, sustainability and “doing the right thing by the land and animals.”


“You may instantly have the picture of fertiliser creating pollution and funding big companies,” Esther said in her WebLog last month, “however there are certainly companies out there in the farming scene that truly do things in a different way and Uptake is one of those.


“We’ve been customers of Uptake for 12 years and the proof of their approach is in our pudding,” says Esther. “We are enjoying healthy soils, great quality and yield of pasture for our animals and therefore very minimum health issues to deal with. Our stock is healthy and happy.”


NZ owned & operated since 1984, Uptake is the industry leader in environmentally friendly fertiliser production and use.  Founder and CEO John Davis was a farmer first and has 40 years of farming experience under his belt.


“We’re not trying to replace the conventional system,” says Mr Davis.  “What our company is doing is complimenting that system.  We’re making it better.”


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