Tauranga-based financial consulting business ARBEZ take out ‘Start Up of the Year’ title at the first Samoa Business Network Awards.

Tauranga-based financial consulting business ARBEZ take out ‘Start Up of the Year’ title at the first Samoa Business Network Awards.

September 29 2018 marked the first-ever Samoa Business Network Awards. Held at the Novotel Hotel in Auckland, the inaugural event celebrated the success of Samoan entrepreneurs and Tauranga-based financial consulting business ARBEZ Group were crowned ‘Start Up of the Year’.

The Samoan Business Network (SBN) is a non-profit organisation which came to life on April 23 2013. The organisation supports its community with a vision “to enable a successful worldwide network of Samoan businesses, entrepreneurs & professionals”.

ARBEZ Group founder and owner Alesana (Alex) Talopa’u cherishes his roots and is a proud member of the Samoan community in New Zealand. He was delighted to witness the success of the SBN Awards which recognised Samoan business owners and entrepreneurs across Samoa, New Zealand, and Australia for their outstanding efforts in business while serving and inspiring their communities.

Born and raised in the humble island of Savaii in Samoa, Alex led a simple life of no luxuries and lived only on hard work right from his childhood. “It was unbelievable to be up there with so many other talented Samoan entrepreneurs getting rewarded for all our efforts,” says Alex after winning ‘Start Up of the Year’. “We’ve come such a long way!”

“I became a Registered Financial Advisor in 2011,” says Alex. “After setting foot on Mount Maunganui for the very first time on Easter 2011, I fell in love with the place as it reminded me of Samoa with the ocean, beach, sand and the sound of the waves.”

It wasn’t long before Alex decided to embark on the ARBEZ journey. “In July 2016 I decided to sell my business and family home in Auckland and made the big move to Tauranga where I continue to operate as an Insurance and Kiwisaver Adviser.”

Alex is thrilled to have made such a booming start with his financial consulting business. Steeped in Samoan culture and embellished with simplicity, Alex firmly believes “we can do more with less” and his vision for ARBEZ is to share this with others.

“I can’t thank the Samoa Business Network enough for honouring us with the award,” says Alex. “This is a truly memorable beginning for ARBEZ.”


About Arbez:

ARBEZ Group is an expert financial consulting business based in Tauranga. Founded by Alesana (Alex) Talopa’u, the ARBEZ system is the new A to Z of financial success that is powered by a Resource Based Economy (RBE) model. With a wide range of free services; including financial, business and legal services, Arbez is your financial freedom warehouse.


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