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Read what our clients are saying about us.

"Dear Phillip, We were absolutely delighted that you were able to present at the ETF12 Conference and fitted us into your hectic schedule. Thank you for your fantastic contribution to the Eventing the Future Conference 2012 in Wellington. Your involvement as a speaker played a major part in making the conference such a success. Your high quality presentation enabled delegates to fully engage and learn and be exposed to the latest trends and information. Many delegates have said they thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and we will have an online survey for delegates to complete within the next few days and this will give us an indication of what they gained from the conference, suggestions for future topics and areas for improvement. This conference can only be provided for the industry with the support of speakers who are prepared to provide their time and expertise for the benefit of the industry. We particularly appreciate you giving your time and expertise to assist us. Thank you for contributing to the growth of both a New Zealand and international industry network which can only be facilitated through this conference and its functions. We would appreciate any feedback you have on future topics or speakers you think could contribute to the 2013 conference, as having now been a presenter you will have a greater understanding of our requirements and current issues.
Again, thank you for your contribution and time from both ourselves and on behalf of all the delegates."Peter Burley and Anne Hindson
ETF Directors

"I asked Phillip to assist me with raising my profile regionally, specifically by gaining coverage in the Waikato Times. Phillip then put together a press release involving the concept of a Waikato Anniversary Day. Not only did this press release gain front page lead coverage in the Waikato Times but as a result I was also interviewed on Breakfast TV and on various readio stations. In all the coverage received was very significant I will have not hesitation in recommending the services of Positive PR for achieving excellent media profile."

Louise Upston, Member of Parliament for Taupo

"Thank you to you and your team from Media PA for assisting Quest Hamilton with the organisation of the Equine and Business Networking event last Thursday. Your extensive background and network of contacts within the Equine Industry was really helpful and much appreciated. Phillip is very passionate about his work and was great to deal with. The evening turned out to be a success and the feedback received from attendees was highly positive. The event has definitely assisted with building the awareness and profile of Quest Hamilton and we look forward to working with both the Equine and Business sectors in future; providing them with a unique ‘home away from home’ accommodation experience."

Lee Hare, Franchise Director, Quest Hamilton

"Hi Phillip, I would just like to thank you for the excellent evening and event you hosted on Thursday at the fantastic new Quest Apartments. It was great to meet so many respected industry leaders both in the Equestrian industry and business in general. I look forward to getting you and your company to host an event for us."

Jamie Toon

"Phillip Quay from MediaPA was a pleasure to deal with right from our initial meeting. His motivated ideas were relevant to today’s market and his professional approach was very prompt. His passion for this line of work is very clear. Our business has now moved into a new era with some smart initiatives implemented. Phillip made a big effort to get an editorial in our local paper which was not as easy task, but really showcased our business. I look forward to our continued improvements and updates in the marketing and Social media areas with Media PA."

Troy MacKenzie, MacKenzie Construction

"MediaPA conducted two events on our behalf – a Melbourne Cup day event in November 2011 and our official opening in February, 2012. Both events were carried out in the most professional manner by Phillip Quay and his team. Phillip’s background and contacts in the equine industry were extremely helpful in the organisation of the Melbourne Cup day and ensured that this was successful. We had MPs and a number of businesses represented as well as key members of the racing industry. His large network of contacts was also very evident at our official launch with MP Tim Macindoe as well as business and civic leaders in attendance. These events assisted raising the profile of Limestone with media coverage including a half-page of photographs in the Waikato Times. We found Phillip enthusiastic and easy to work with and would recommend the services of MediaPA to other companies looking to have events, PR/media coverage and social media awareness."

Laurie Weake, Director, Altitude Nightclub Ltd, Gravity And Limestone Bars


"Dear Phillip and Team

Just a quick note to say a huge Thank You.  Thank you for helping us put together our First Birthday Party and for making the event such a success.  Your event management skills ensured that it was a great dayenjoyed by all.Being new to Social Marketing and Media, your expertise in this area is invaluable.  You ability to raise the profile of our business via channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst and Instagram has been exciting to see and the monthly articles that you post for us and the advice for our website content is also greatly appreciated and highly valuable.

We look forward to the next 12 months and to work with you further."

Richard and Clare Gallagher


"We have found Philip Quay to be diligent in his work and very honest to deal with. He has provided a good service to this racing establishment with his internet
expertise and we are happy to provide him with this testimonial."

Keith & Brendon Hawtin

“Phil and his team at MediaPA helped us up on the full social marketing suite (Facebook, twitter, PinInterest and YouTube) and provided us with great advice on maximising our visibility. In addition they wrote some pieces for us which assisted with our publicity.MediaPA’s work was great in establishing us in the Social Media world.”

Jo Bransgrove - Gables Lakefront Motel, Taupo

"Phillip Quay and his team at MediaPA do a great job at Facebook marketing and go the extra mile to assist their cleints. Their innovative marketing plans are the way of the future for businesses to promote themselves not only locally and nationally but also globally."

Tariq Kundan, Ray White, Bishopdale, Christchurch

“ The Team at MediaPA professionally assisted us into social media and helped us with our Google search engine optimisation through article marketing. They are a pleasure to deal with and always go the extra mile for their clients”

Trish Roberts, On Site Manager, The Terraces at Ocean Beach


2 October 2013

To whom it may concern

We engaged MediaPA to set up our new Gateway Facebook Page as well as YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter social media platforms.
We had a Facebook Page, but it wasn’t working for us. I knew what I wanted but no one in our team had the time or the expertise to create what I had in mind. Engaging MediaPA has enabled us to have a more professional approach as well as a page which will fully connect with our students and expose them to a wide variety of industries and educational institutions available to them.
We found the MediaPA team to be very approachable and mindful of our needs and they delivered on everything that we asked of them.
 Being a school we had specific needs and they were able to set up a number of functions within the page which met our requirements. They have been every patient and even after the page was published, have been available to make changes and updates as required.
I would highly recommend anyone in the education sector to utilise their expertise and services. Thank you Phillip and Kimmy!

Kindest regards Melanie TookeDirector of FrasernetGateway/STAR/Career PathwaysFraser High School


"In the past 2 months we have gone up two full pages on Google from the content marketing work carried out by MediaPA and its team. Manuka Honey is a highly competitive field so this is a pleasing result for all concerned. At the same time as this occurred we ceased our traditional SEO methods."
James Jeffery, Summerglow.
"We contacted Mediapa after hearing positive comments about them from another secondary school in our area.
Being somewhat anxious about stepping into this bold new world of social media as a way of communicating with our students, it was very reassuring to work with Phillip and Kimmy of Mediapa, about how to organise our FB page in a way that reflected our purpose – namely to inform our students of our events and activities and to offer advice on how to make informed decisions relating to their career pathways.
It was also a relief to learn how to edit our settings to ensure our FB page served us in a way we wanted too.
Their service in setting up our page was friendly, prompt and efficient. They also offer an ongoing service providing advice and help when necessary.
We recommend Mediapa to any other schools considering setting up a Facebook page."Judith Lander
Careers Advisor
Hamilton Gilrs high School
"Phillip Quay and his team at MediaPA are very professional. I have never experienced better communication in my entire life It seems to me that Phillip is always ready to answer any questions you might have in a record breaking time. I am very excited about doing business together in a future. I would definitely recommend their services. Thank you for providing a great service and I wish you all the best."
Dusan Valenta, Ray White, Auckland City Apartments
"Union Victorial Motel has been utilising MediaPA's Business Connect social media marketing this year and has noticed an upswing in sales at our motel over the past couple of months."
Bruce Beesley, Union Victoria Motel, Rotorua.

"I feel that Media PA provides a service far superior to any of the other forms of web based advertising available to SummerGlow Apiaries ltd.  This has been reinforced time and time again with our increasing web / social media profile and higher Google Search rankings.  Thanks Phillip and the team."

James Jeffery SummerGlow Apiaries Ltd, Hamilton, New Zealand

"Basically since Media PA have been on board our SEO has been very consistent in high rankings and certainly we are certainly getting exposure that we wouldn’t have achieve without the service."

Mike Gallager, Arista Of Rotorua.


“We have been thrilled with the business relationship Phil displayed early on, he calls regularly with updates and keeps me on track with our plan. For any start up business this is the way to go. Phil not only supports a business by getting their SEO up the Google rankings but also through publication. Exposure is vital for any new business. Over the last three weeks Phil has demonstrated something remarkable, I have watch this magic unfolding. All the businesses in Phil’s network are so strongly connected, the referrals from one another are driving their success. Media PA has taken care of all our marketing, it’s a real asset for small companies that are not in the position to employ a marketing team,”

 Jo Upperton, Marketing at Event Freak.


"Not only is Phillip Quay a great person to deal with, he is a genuine nice guy who is only too happy to help others succeed in their businesses. He has the ability to really move you up the Google rankings!  After just one mention of me on two of his media sites, my new business went from non-existent to first page! I couldn't be happier. I absolutely recommend businesses to benefit from Phillip's services through MediaPA.  What a great business model"- Lizzie from Road to Compassion


Lizzie from Road to Compassion


"GM Scientific has undertaken an extensive internet based inward marketing campaign by utilizing two marketing companies Ascend 365 (Kansas City, USA), which covers USA and the northern hemisphere, and Media PA (Auckland) an award-winning New Zealand-based company covering Australasia and the southern hemisphere.  

These two companies can provide GM Scientific with access to over 1,000 websites and internet providers.  Through these companies GMS is undertaking an extensive news articles  and information campaign on social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest, as well as online blogging on Medical websites.  The campaign commenced in September 2014 and has made an immediate impact, moving GM Scientific from page 19 on Google under the search term “hemostatic dressing” up to the second page at present.  As more news stories are published and our blogging site becomes fully functional, we anticipate that GMS and SureStop will end up on the initial page of all worldwide search engines within a few months, including Google."

Leigh McKenzie, GM Scientific

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to provide a professional reference for Phillip Quay, MediaPA Boost. In my experience as the International Business Executive at Fieldays International, New Zealand Agribusiness Centre and Mystery Creek Event Centre, I have had the pleasure of working with many of the media industry’s most experienced and interesting people. Philip Quay ranks among the very best speakers I’ve ever encountered. His speech on the topic of “Social Media and Public Relations  for New Zealand Agritech Companies” have influenced many of our business partners to look at this new communication channel as a powerful tool to improve the engagement with their customers.


Mr Quay is an electrifying public speaker. His passion for the subject matter is infectious. In just 30 minutes, attendees gain a fresh perspective on the major trends that are transforming how companies connect with customers, innovation in media technology, marketing, advertising and telecommunications. Attendees have requested more printed text from Mr Quay’s social media and communications keynote speeches than any other speaker.


He is a global leader in the social media/on line marketing field, well connected and is a trusted resource on emerging media and undoubtedly he brings excellent customer service to all of his clients.

In sum, it is my pleasure to give Philip Quay my highest recommendation as a keynote speaker. He will deliver valuable information and analysis in an inspiring and entertaining manner to any conference or seminar for which he is engaged and will be highly sought after in this regard.


Marcelo Mieres, International Business Executive, Fieldays International

"Phillip Quay provides an excellent overview and understanding of modern SEO writing and the manner in which it impacts online marketing today. This course was a great introduction to the skill of writing quality content for businesses, and how to ensure it reaches your target market via social media marketing and article exposure.

As Google continues to upgrade its search engine algorithms, quality content will become more and more important to the way businesses are marketed. The techniques Phillip teaches will ensure your content will continue to rank highly on Google and pull in new audiences.

Whether you are looking for new ideas to market your business online, would like to see what MediaPA is all about, or are looking at learning how to write web content, I would recommend this course. The marketing world is turning digital, and MediaPA is right at the forefront of that movement."

Alice Parminter, Hamilton


"Phillip Quay you and your team are the best can't thank you enough for helping us get our business ready to fly to the stars but Taupo will do for now after  two long years of trying to get the concept to reality and going through heaps of setbacks And money  you and your team have really done a a lot for us to make  the vision we have for Greengrocer.co.Nz  a winner and we look forward to working with you over the years to come as we both strive to attain our goals and reach them with an abundance of success for both our businesses and families "
Richard & Sharon Obers, Greengrocer Team.

"We have been using Media PA for our online marketing for 6 months.

We are very impressed with the service that we receive from Phillip and his team. We appreciate the monthly meetings which we find affective to help us focus on our marketing and with the regular updates on Facebook and Twitter and monthly articles. As it is completed by Media PA there is no chance that it won’t be forgotten by us and suddenly become bimonthly updates.

We also used Media PA to create a new website and found the entire process professional in ensuring that the end product was properly defined, thought out and met our needs and most importantly completed on time.

We have no hesitation in recommending Media PA"

Simon and Lornae Lowe, Aspen Manor Motel


To Whom It May Concern,

Return To Paradise is a new resort in Samoa, open only since August 2014.

We recently retained the services of Mr Phillip Quay and his team at MediaPA to assist with raising the profile of the resort, particularly regarding a very important reunion weekend of the original Return To Paradise movie that was filmed on our beach in 1952-3.

There were two objectives to this strategy – increasing visibility of the Resort in general through Search Engine Optimization and producing articles for publication in print and online media particularly highlighting the reunion weekend.

Fiji Airways was flying the original female star Roberta Haynes (love interest to Academy award winner Gary Cooper) to Samoa for the weekend of commemorations.

It was very important that we gained maximum exposure for this event.

Phillip and his team were of great help in working towards both objectives and the commemorations were enormously successful.


Yours Faithfully, For Return to Paradise Resort, Ramona Su’a Pale Gilchrist


"I wanted to thank you for all the training you provided for our Ray White Sales Ignite Program for new sales people when I was the Trainer for Ray White Corporate.  You always went the extra mile to make the sessions on how sales people can utilise Social Media and leverage off well written informative content – inspiring, fun and informative."

Trish Love, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, National Certificate in Real Estate, Accredited Workplace Trainer & Assessor


"Thank you for making Moving Media’s 10 year party such a success. This would not have happened without your expertise and hard work. All our guests were very impressed with the evening event and the comments are still coming in. I have to say that your team at Media PA was very professional and both Matt and I are very proud to be associated with Media PA. This was a very important event and with only had one chance to get this right so what a fantastic company you have. We felt no pressure on the night as we knew you had it under control and you even added extra value through the night with a few surprises. Thanks again Phillip – look forward to working with you in the future."

Geoff Andrew / Company Director, Moving Media Ltd


"As a chef with a public profile targeted PR and quality social media management is key to maintaining the growth of my brand and keeping engagement with my followers high. With my recent appointment as a brand ambassador to Australian company Brookfarm, MediaPA and their Boost product has been extremely successful in promoting this as well as providing a long term strategic plan for my communications and public relations. I recommend Phillip Quay and his team at MediaPA as a very professional operation that listens to my needs, presents and puts in place practical solutions"

Chef Jimmy Boswell

"During 2015, I have had the pleasure of working with Social Media and PR Expert Phillip Quay and his team at MediaPA. There is no doubt that they have some very innovative and forward thinking ways of online marketing for the Real Estate Industry which will become very successful in the years to come.
As the traditional media world becomes less and less effective in marketing properties, MediaPA's alternative methods will come to the fore as a tool in attracting listings and selling properties.
Phillip was an inspiration to me and certainly encouraged me to think outside the square and he provided valuable assistance with my new website.
I wish Phillip all the best in any endeavor, and I would be happy to recommend him and his team at MediaPA’s.
I can be contacted on DDI 07 350 3408 and Len.Pemberton@mcdowell.co.nz if any further information is required.''
Len Pemberton

"Phil, thank you so much for stepping  up to the plate when the pressure came on so quickly.  you did an outstanding job of creating a brilliant media response plan to avert what could have been a potential PR crisis – invaluable."
Jeremy Dunn, General Manager of Southern Fresh Foods

"MediaPA has been looking after the social media and online marketing for the Manurewa franchise of Century 21 for the past two years. We have  decreased the amount of traditional advertising we are doing significantly so that we can invest more in MediaPA's cutting-edge Boost product.
This product is ideal for the real estate sector as so many of our buyers and sellers are connecting with real estate through being able to search on Google. Through a combination of article marketing and strategic social media MediaPA delivers a constant stream of relevant content to our online presence and increases brand recognition from higher Search Engine Optimisation.
The story of our successful business has been promoted online. Phillip Quay has a team of journalists who produce articles for the web targeted at increasing Google search hits and web visibility.
Having MediaPA on board means that we can focus on what we do best as leaders in the real estate sector as evidenced recently by winning the title of leading New Zealand office for Century21.
We highly recommend MediaPA to the real estate industry."
Derryn Mayne, Century 21 Gold

"Two months ago I recruited the services of Media P.A to do some online promoting for my skincare brand Suzy H Skin Nutrition. The service was prompt, efficient, affordable and Phillip the CEO is very passionate about helping to make your business work at its full potential. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone wanting to boost their online traction."
Suzy Heazlewood CEO/ Founder of Suzy H Skin Nutrition


"Paihia Beach Resort & Spa have been working with Media PA for almost 18 months now, mainly focussing on SEO and Social Media presence around the launch of our new website back in June 2015.  Phillip and his team have proven to be a valuable asset in increasing our online following by utilising Facebook campaigns, Super Boosts, news articles and other social media outlets.During the past 12 months our Resort has increased direct bookings from 25% in previous years, to almost 75% this coming season!  This is a fantastic result for us and makes a massive dent in OTA commissions, thank you to Media PA for their help with this.In the near future we are looking to expand into video advertising with the help of Media PA, helping to increase our network further. Big thanks to Phillip and his amazing team for looking after us!"
Lyndsey Morrison, Resort Manager, Paihia Beach Resort & Spa


"MediaPA has been assisting Academy Class (in London) for the past 6 months in developing its social media and PR profile. We approached MediaPA to come on board and have never regretted this move as it has over-delivered on its promises. It has gone above and beyond our expectations to raise our profile and demonstrate that the media world is truly global. In another initiative MediaPA introduced us to Social Giving which is certain to become a global phenomenan. MediaPA's extensive contact portfolio has also assisted us in filling some of our needs such as newsletters to connect with our extensive database. We highly recommend Phillip (whose energy along is empowering) and his team to provide social media and PR services of the highest professional standard to any company regardless of its size."

Mark Young - Academy Class (London)


“Phillip ran a great presentation at our work place on digital marketing and the best channels to use, to get the most out of any marketing campaign, dependent on the channel used and intended audience and anticipated response. Thanks Phillip, I picked up some great tips.”


"The results of our month-long Boost Viral campaign  were simply amazing. The multi-channel social media platforms deployed enabled us to create huge awareness of our new website and to build a global database which we can now re-market to. There is no need to do any other form of advertising any more."

Scott Lee- Crusoe's Retreat, Fiji.