Time to hop on the property ladder with the help of award-winning financial consulting business ARBEZ.

Time to hop on the property ladder with the help of award-winning financial consulting business ARBEZ.

Calling all first home buyers! Tauranga-based expert financial consulting business ARBEZ are here to save the day for the “new kids on the block.”

New Zealand’s real estate market has been booming in recent times with the value of houses rising by the year. In 2018, the nation achieved a record breaking median house price of $562,000!

As a result, the new-age Kiwis’ housing affordability has taken a big hit. In 1970, the average age of first home buyers in New Zealand was only 25 but in 2016 it was closer to 34.

“With the current housing market, buying a first home can be an extremely daunting step for young Kiwis,” says ARBEZ Group founder and owner Alesana (Alex) Talopa’u. “Our team is passionate about making this vital life experience a pleasant one.”

ARBEZ is sure to ease the troubles of first home buyers by providing crucial and customised financial advice. The company has gathered a range of independent professional experts and businesses like accountants, registered financial advisors, mortgage brokers, lawyers, real estate agents, IT specialists, and more.

“As a client of ARBEZ, you will gain access to our network of specialists,” explains Alex. “Once we have completed your WOFF [warrant of financial fitness] we will work with you to formulate a snapshot of your current financial status, understand what you want to achieve, and map out a pathway forward.”

With a wealth of knowledge in the field, ARBEZ specialise in dealing with first home buyers by following their motto of “doing more with less.” The team is 100% dedicated towards providing brilliant solutions to challenging financial problems and pushing clients towards their goals.

Your time is now. Take the first step and hop on the property ladder with ARBEZ!


About Arbez:

Winners of the ‘Start Up of the Year’ title at the 2018 Samoa Business Network Awards, ARBEZ Group is an expert financial consulting business based in Tauranga. Founded by Alesana (Alex) Talopa’u, the ARBEZ system is the new A to Z of financial success that is powered by a Resource Based Economy (RBE) model. With a wide range of free services; including financial, business and legal services, Arbez is your financial freedom warehouse.


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