Top 10 Kitchen Makeover Tips: Making Your Kitchen Remodel a Breeze

Top 10 Kitchen Makeover Tips: Making Your Kitchen Remodel a Breeze

1. Function First

Top Kitchen designers will say it is function first. There is no kitchen plan that fits all, however the emphasis should be planning the sink, fridge and cooktop to be in close proximity with each other for making life easy while preparing food.

2.Counter Space, Counter Space.

Counter space is king. Choose a surface that’s easy to work on and hardwearing. Surfaces requiring grout between tiles is hard to keep clean and that stainless steel will scratch very easily.


Plan the Kitchen flow to allow a view of the outside play areas for children. Remove sharp edges from countertops, slip-resistant flooring and ovens located at adult height to prevent children burning and touching hot surfaces.

4.Location of Power Sources

Where are you power sources located? Power sources should be located close to appliances. In the case of a dishwasher if you push it up to the power source it could cut off the hose and not drain correctly.

5.Don’t Go Cheap on Appliances

It may seem as if you’re saving money, but an old appliance will pull the whole look down you are trying to achieve. New appliances or more power efficient, safer as well as looking great. Cut back the budget in other areas but not here as your eye is drawn to counter top items.

6.There Can Never Be Enough Storage

Unused Space

At the planning stage focus on areas that can be used for storage. For example, could those overhead cabinets go right to the ceiling? Are deeper drawers an options easier use when pulling out pots and pans. Do you need those appliances cluttering up the bench is it possible to create storage to hide these away, with a small slider door or previously?


Once again look for clever ways to hide rubbish bins, behind doors or pull out deep drawers. Ease of use and easy to clean are two important features.

8.Consider Lighting

Number one suggestion lighting under cabinets that illuminate countertops directly. Lighting incorrectly planned with leave areas of the Kitchen shadowed. This is not great for safety or visually plating food.

9.Hardwood floors

Things to consider stone floors, which are somewhat porous, for instance, may need resealing. Hardwood floors are beautiful, but be aware that they show wear quicker by the fridge, stove and sink than other parts. Hard, natural some works well and adds durability and style to the overall look

10.Odor Prevention

Prevent odours with an efficient range hood, get advice on the venting and system you are installing by an expert. They are happy to help and modern range hoods are surprisingly quiet.