Unlock your leadership potential with New Zealand’s leading HR experts – POD Consulting.

Unlock your leadership potential with New Zealand’s leading HR experts – POD Consulting.

Behind every successful business is an exceptional leader. POD Consulting Leadership Programmes give you the tools and framework to manage and motivate others to excel and achieve results in today’s constantly changing and challenging business environment.

To stay ahead in the in their industry good leaders must always continue to grow and develop their leadership skills. “Our Leadership Development Programmes are designed for people who manage others,” says Kerryn Strong, Change Manager at the award-winning POD Consulting.

POD Consulting believes in a hands on approach in developing great leaders. “We take a combination approach with a mix of workshop modules plus coaching sessions,” says Kerryn.

POD Consulting Leadership Programmes are run for at least six participants and can be at a POD office or at yours. “Participants will walk away with enhanced competence to manage and lead their teams, as well as the skills essential to develop personally as leaders,” adds Kerryn.

POD Consulting’s Leadership Programmes teach you the right skills to manage and lead better, happier teams that get results.  “We take a tailored approach and offer programmes specifically for newer leaders and managers, through to those who are being groomed for taking on more responsibility or those leaders who are having to deal with a change in team dynamic.”  You'll be better equipped to perform as a persuasive communicator, problem-solver and focused leader.

If you are looking to improve your leadership effectiveness and want take steps to further develop as a leader, there will be a POD Consulting Leadership Programme that’s right for you. Evolve yourself into a leader who can motivate high performing teams, operate effectively and get the results you need.   Likewise, if you’re looking to lift the bench strength of the leaders in your business, there will be a Programme designed to suit.

Learn how to stop managing and start leading with POD Consulting.

Learn more about POD Consulting’s full range of Leadership Programmes and check out the Programme that’s right for you with POD’s ‘Diagnostic Tool’ here:  https://pod.co.nz/product/growth-development/


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Ideal for medium-sized businesses, POD Consulting teams up with your business to help you find top-quality employees and keep them on board. They focus on three main areas within human resources – selection, retention and development.

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