How to Update Your Personal Style in 5 Easy Steps

How to Update Your Personal Style in 5 Easy Steps

By Peter Minkoff, UK correspondent

Whether your personal style is casual, elegant, or maybe boho, it will require a little update from time to time. No matter how many pieces of clothing we have in our wardrobe, it’s always open for an upgrade. From a new belt to a new pair of gloves or a new skirt, you can refresh your personal style easily in only a few steps.

Think about a new hairstyle

How long has it been since the last time you changed something about your hair? Months, years maybe ‒ well a new ‘do will certainly make a lot of difference to both your face and your style. Bangs will give a completely new dimension to your look, while a bit of trimming or a new shade of highlights can be the perfect refreshment. Feel free to experiment with hair colours, because a little bit of change can make a huge statement.

Invest in new clothing items

The first piece of clothing you should splurge on is a fitted jacket. Whether this is a khaki jacket you can match with your jeans, or a blazer you can rock at the office, a perfectly tailored jacket that will flatter your figure is an absolute must in your wardrobe. A new pair of denim shorts that will hug your curves flawlessly and help you flaunt all your assets is the next clothing item to look for. Furthermore, a dress that you’ll feel comfortable in is worth every penny and it is another essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Make sure to look for a classic colour that you can wear on various occasions and that is easily dressed up and versatile, such as black or grey. Go with knee-length because it is one of the most flattering lengths, and you’ll have the chance to match it both with heels and flat footwear.




A statement jewellery piece, a designer bag or a stylish hat can make a lot of difference to a plain outfit. Therefore, learning how to accessorize will be the perfect way to improve your personal style. If you are not a fan of necklaces, think about embellishing your neck with a cute scarf. A bandana can also be the perfect little addition to your ensemble, thanks to its versatility. If you’re having a bad hair day, a bandana can pose as a headband. Belts are an absolute must when it comes to accessories, because they can transform an outfit completely. Only by accentuating your waist, you’re creating a fabulous ensemble while making your figure properly shaped under various layers. If you do like to layer your clothes, a belt will prevent you from looking too bulky, offering a more carved out form.

Carefully pick your underwear

Your choice of underwear can make or break an outfit. Always pick your underwear according to your body shape, because once it fits nicely, all of your little imperfections will be nicely camouflaged. If you choose a bra or panties that are too tight, you’ll only accentuate all the bumps, since the fabric will hug your body in all the wrong places. Therefore, make sure you get to know your body, and go bra fitting every year, because your body changes constantly.

Find a good tailor

A good tailor is a real treasure. Sometimes finding a perfectly tailored dress or a blazer can be challenging, so taking the time to make some alterations can significantly improve your style. Furthermore, you may have a certain dress design on your mind, but you just can’t find it anywhere, and this is when a tailor can be a life saver. Nothing will look as flattering on you as a piece of clothing made precisely according to your body measurements, so make sure you look for a good tailor who can create any piece of clothing you want.

Final thoughts

Every now and then, our style needs a bit of an edge, so investing in new wardrobe pieces is the best way to do it. Refresh or completely transform your style by investing in a few statement pieces. Change your hair, find a perfect tailor and your personal style will never be dull again.