Ventura Inn & Suites Fills the Gap in Hamilton With 4-Star Accommodation

Ventura Inn & Suites Fills the Gap in Hamilton With 4-Star Accommodation

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Ventura Inn & Suites has responded to calls from tourism operators and the Hamilton City Council to provide a 4-star hotel in Hamilton.

In September, the Hamilton City Council commissioned a report to assess the level of demand for hotels within the city.  The report looked at whether there was a need for another 4-star hotel in Hamilton.

The report said there was a "noticeable gap" for 4-star plus hotels in Hamilton, saying the majority of accommodation was between 3 and 3.5 stars.

The Hamilton City Council was looking into possible solutions to attract more visitors to the Hamilton and Waikato region, including building new 4-star accommodation to fill the gap in the market.

At the time, owner of Ventura Inn & Suites, Kenneth Mitchell, issued a press release about renovations to his Clarence Street hotel.

Mr Mitchell had started renovations to bring Ventura Inn & Suites, currently rated 3.5, up to a 4-star rating.

“I saw a need to take my hotel to the next level,” said Mr Mitchell.  “I had already made plans for the renovations, always intending to lift the hotel to a 4-star rating.  When the Hamilton City Council publicised the report calling for more 4-star hotels, our plans at Ventura were already underway.

“We’re happy to say we’re going to 4-star and it’s easy to achieve.”

Renovations at Ventura Inn & Suites so far have included replacing the beds, painting walls and installing Waikato-themed artworks.

Mr Mitchell says the next step in Ventura’s renovation is the reception area.

“The existing reception area is a generous space and forms the heart of the hotel where people congregate, eat together and converse.  The upgrade is an opportunity to create a special ambience with a little Kiwiana and difference.  We want guests to linger and be wowed,” he says.


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