Voyager Luggage and National Geographic Announce A Range of Luggage Created from Recycled Plastics

Voyager Luggage and National Geographic Announce A Range of Luggage Created from Recycled Plastics

By Ciaran Warner

The plastic-free revolution continues, with New Zealand-based travel equipment supplier Voyager Luggage contributing to the fight against pollution with a range of sustainable luggage made from recycled plastic materials.

Lance Best, Managing Director at Voyager Luggage, says this new range will help turn waste into carry space.

“In conjunction with National Geographic, Voyager have released the first of four ranges of sustainable luggage made from 100% recycled iPET, single use plastics,” Lance said.

“It is important to us that you can travel the world and make it a better place by helping to clear our oceans of plastic pollution.”

Voyager has partnered with Briscoes in the release of this brand as both have similar environmental goals and are proud to work with a global brand who is known and respected the world over for its enlightening and inspirational coverage of the natural world.

“National Geographic has become synonymous for the information and remarkable images of our planet it has provided for almost 130 years,” Lance says.

Recently National Geographic has worked to raise awareness of the impact of plastic on the environment, with their website citing statistics such as over a trillion plastic bags being used worldwide every day, nearly a million plastic bottles being sold every minute, and nine million tonnes of plastic waste ending up in the oceans every year.

This new brand of luggage will allow travellers to contribute to a eco-friendlier approach to the use of plastic, while continuing to support National Geographic.

National Geographic’s team of writers, photographers and explorers travel the world every year, producing ever more amazing facts about our planet and inspiring awe at the beauty of the natural world.

For those who want to cross “seeing the most astonishing sights nature has to offer” off their bucket list, the National Geographic range of luggage is the perfect environmentally-friendly choice when starting your adventure.

To learn more about National Geographic’s pledge to keep the oceans free of plastic, click here.

To see more of the range National Geographic range, visit your local Briscoes store or click here!


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