Voyager Luggage Tells Us Important Things Travellers Should Consider When Buying Luggage

Voyager Luggage Tells Us Important Things Travellers Should Consider When Buying Luggage

by Andy Murray

Voyager Luggage, a leading New Zealand based luggage wholesaler which has been in the travel industry since 2001, stock only brands that they know and trust.

Voyager Luggage has always had a positive outlook on international travel and understands that the desire to see the world will never be lost by many travellers.

The first thing to consider is the durability of the luggage, “baggage handlers are notoriously tough on luggage and ensuring your luggage can handle the rigours of this is hugely important to maintaining your happiness when travelling,” says Managing Director, Lance Best.

The second thing to consider is ensuring your luggage is lightweight, having to keep your luggage under twenty kilograms can be difficult when your luggage alone weighs several kilograms.

“When travelling, particularly overseas, carting heavy luggage around can be a laborious task, so keeping the weight of your luggage at a minimum can make your trip that much more enjoyable,” says Best.

The third thing to keep in mind is ensuring your luggage is waterproof. We all go on holiday and hope for fine weather but often we get caught out! Sitting on the plane and watching your luggage getting wet on the tarmac is no fun for anyone.

Ensuring your luggage is lightweight but also durable can sometimes be difficult, but Voyager Luggage offers a solution with their new range of Lightweight, Hard-shell Luggage.

The new Milan range from Voyager is both lightweight and strong. Being hard-shelled means it will not absorb water and will keep your precious belongings safe and dry.

The Milan range is constructed using a Polypropylene shell, known by air crew worldwide as virtually unbreakable. Traditionally, Polypropylene has been heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. New technology allows the large 70cm case to only weigh 3.5kg, letting you pack more (or buy more).

The unique feature of a waterproof main zip allows it to stand up to the harshest of weather conditions. Featuring a double four-wheel spinner system gives you added stability when wheeling your case, even across the cobbled streets of Europe, with a recessed TSA combination offering added security across the globe. For the final peace of mind the Voyager Milan range comes with a Five Year Warranty.

A handy travel tip is if you are travelling with a partner, consider buying one big piece of luggage and a medium size, this makes storage later easier as they nest inside each other.

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