Waikato Construction and Shaw Asphalters work together to bring you an exceptional kerbing service.

Waikato Construction and Shaw Asphalters work together to bring you an exceptional kerbing service.

xfvfA superior and aesthetically pleasing kerbing wok for high quality construction projects is the result when Hamilton-based Waikato Construction and Shaw Asphalters work together.


Shaw Asphalters specialise in asphalting, chipsealing and construction of residential driveways and commercial properties and car parks.


Shaw Asphalters do a lot of high quality residential projects and as such need a kerbing company that can keep up with their standard of work.


“We use Waikato Construction as we know they will give us the high quality work that we require for our clients,” says Kevin Shaw of Shaw Asphalters.


Waikato Construction and Shaw Asphalters have got kerbing down to a fine art. “We come in to do the prepatory work like set up the pins and dig out the trench, then Waikato Construction come in and use their kerbing tools to lay the kerbing. We then come in finish it off,” add Kevin.


Waikato Construction and Shaw Asphalters are currently working on the Old MacDonald's Rural Education and Care Centre.


“We can always rely on Warren and the Waikato Construction team. Waikato Construction is always our first choice and we would highly recommend them,” says Kevin.


Waikato Construction have a superb range of professional Kerb and Channel Options.


Sourcing concrete from a number of local concrete providers, Waikato Construction can order to any specification required, including industry standard and certified grades.


Though Waikato Construction are located in Hamilton, their service area is the Greater Waikato Area and they can also service outside the Waikato on special request.


For your next kerbing project give the experts and efficient team at Waikato Construction a call.


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