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Waikato’s hospitality heroes: Outstanding Hamilton motel Argent Motor Lodge wins the 2018 Guest Review Award from

Waikato’s hospitality heroes: Outstanding Hamilton motel Argent Motor Lodge wins the 2018 Guest Review Award from

In an exciting announcement, Hamilton’s beloved motel Argent Motor Lodge take out yet another award in recognition of their outstanding hospitality services that has been a real crowd pleaser!

The award-winning accommodation provider has recently been honoured with the 2018 Guest Review Award from leading global travel e-commerce company,

“This award is in recognition of your hard work day after day, guest after guest. It shows how much your guests appreciate you, and how lucky we are to call you our partner,” states James Waters, Vice President of Partner & Customer Services at

With an excellent rating of 9.5 out of 10, the motel boasts cleanliness and comfort with 19 soundproofed rooms, kitchens with refrigerators and microwaves, flat-screen TVs with satellite channels, and room service. Let’s not forget about the fantastic guest reviews that have also flooded in from

“Good place to stay, super comfortable. Nice guy who runs it too,” says Sus.

“Great place for a stopover. Really spacious, clean, well equipped room with laundry facilities (small charge). Friendly staff and great location. Three minutes to Hamilton Gardens and there’s a supermarket really close by too. We stayed here to reach Raglan (45 mins) and the Waitomo Caves (1 hour),” says Faith.

“Very clean and the staff was super friendly. It felt very safe and was a great pitstop on our way to Rotorua. Definitely recommend,” says Becky from Houston, Texas.

Argent Motor Lodge owner Graeme Hunt is over the moon about the motel’s success. “It’s incredibly heart-warming to receive so much love from our guests,” he says.

Of course, Graeme is no stranger to victory. After being honoured with multiple awards, Argent Motor Lodge are truly Waikato’s hospitality heroes. The motel has been a winner of the prestigious TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Award for 5 consecutive years (2013-2017).

Out of over 70 motel/hotel properties in the Waikato, it currently holds the #1 position among TripAdvisor’s most preferred places to stay. The team has also received the 2017 Gold Award for exceptional guest service as well as the 2018 Trivago National Award for Top 10 ‘Value for Money’ in New Zealand.


About Argent Motor Lodge:

Based in Hamilton, award-winning Argent Motor Lodge is right next door to the Waikato Hospital and close to Braemar Hospital as well as being only a few minutes’ drive to the City Centre, cycle trails, and the world-famous Hamilton Gardens. Accommodation ranges from one-bedroom apartments to family apartments, with wheelchair-accessible facilities available upon request.


Contact Argent Motor Lodge

Address: 27 Lorne Street, Hamilton, New Zealand

Phone: +64-7-843 9912

Reservation Free phone: 0800 275 676





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