What is VoIP? Leading Kiwi Telecommunications Company Ufone Explains The Benefits Of Voice-Over Internet Protocol

What is VoIP? Leading Kiwi Telecommunications Company Ufone Explains The Benefits Of Voice-Over Internet Protocol

By Ciaran Warner

The Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology used by New Zealand telecommunications company Ufone is, according to the CEO Nigel Rayneau, the future of communication.

As modern forms of communication become ever more streamlined, VoIP offers and easy and efficient means of communication, particularly for large businesses or organisations.

A good-quality internet connection is all that is required for VoIP user to reroute their phone service via the internet, rather than outdated phone lines. The lower cost and increased functionality make VoIP an increasingly attractive alternative to old PSTN phone services.

Nigel says that the old phone systems are very much on their way out, in fact Chorus (successor to Telecom NZ) is phasing out PSTN technology from next year in favour of VoIP technologies. This has been enabled by the wide availability of Fiber-Optic connectivity to most homes and businesses. While old fashioned phone services are being phased out, VoIP as a means of communication is very much an expanding market, with sophisticated capabilities available to any business, and not just large Corporates.

“VoIP allows businesses to manage and redirect calls with ease, without being hampered by the constraints of a fixed system in one place. For example, when away from the office you can receive calls on your mobile, even overseas, and then transfer the call to someone else at the office if required, as easily as sitting at your desk,” Nigel says.

Similarly, a business could have 10 locations, but a single phone system answered by one receptionist, or even a Virtual Receptionist, and then the calls transferred to the recipient at any location. Internal calls between all 10 locations become just an extension call.”

“Whenever your VoIP phone is connected to a network, it can receive calls anywhere you go.”

Industries that have benefited from VoIP systems installed and overseen by Ufone include Education, Healthcare, and Real Estate, as fast and effective communication is crucial to these industries.

The key to a top quality reliable service is end to end control and a quality support team who know what they are doing. The buck stops with us when we have end to end control, because there is no-one else to blame.

“Our VoIP Engineers are a special breed, who talk a different language to most others,” Nigel says.

“What sets them apart is a passion and the expertise to get to the heart of subtle voice issues and configurations, solving problems so that you don't have to.”

Ufone provide an extensive range of services, including installation, training and support.  They can supply and install either a hosted PBX VoIP system or an on-premise system, and provide premium business Internet services.

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