What Makes the Products and Services of Marine Protection Solutions New Zealand Unique?

What Makes the Products and Services of Marine Protection Solutions New Zealand Unique?

By Ciaran Warner

The eco-friendly products of leading New Zealand adhesive antifouling film company Marine Protection Solutions are a new alternative to previous antifouling solutions used on Kiwi boats, says Mitchell Clough, Director at Marine Protection Solutions.

“Today adhesive films are part of our everyday lives and these are now making an entrance into the most difficult and demanding environment - the world of water,” says Mitchell.

FLOW Silikon™ is one of Marine Protection Solutions most popular products. Growing layers of biofilm on boats causes up to 20% drag, slowing down the boat, which rises to 60% if molluscs are present. The chemicals in many hull paints are also harmful to marine life. FLOW Silikon™ is a three-layer polymer adhesive film that is pro-glide and 100% biocide-free. While it is easy to clean when stationary, the film begins to clean itself when a boat it’s been applied to reaches a speed of 8 knots or more.

FLOW Fouling™ replaces the chemical nature of paints that may contain biocide to a more mechanical approach, using the continuous movement of the synthetic fibres within the coating to prevent the accumulation of molluscs and algae on the hull of the boat.

“Our films are easy to clean, last a long time and are entirely without adverse effects on the ocean environment. All other methods of antifouling use paint, and most of those paints contain biocides – we’re completely biocide-free,” says Mitchell.

FLOW Grip™ can be applied to boat decks as a means of reducing the risk of slipping and falling. Providing an invisible, effective and anti-slip layer to the deck of a boat, it is an easier and more economical alternative to paints that may wear away or damage the surface of the boat. It can be applied to all surfaces, making it ideal for decks, stairs and pontoons, and is designed for use in salt and sweet water.

FLOW FoulingFix™ is particularly useful on the stationary surfaces of fixed installations such as pontoons, platforms and buoys, which are prone to ocean fouling. Tested in rigorous conditions rich in ocean life, such as the Gulf of Mannar in India, these adhesive films are proven to be exceptionally efficient in preventing organic build-up.

After travelling to Europe, the father-son team of Glenn and Mitchell Clough could see that these products could make a significant difference in New Zealand, particularly to the many New Zealanders who earn their living and spend a great deal of time at sea.

“Marine Protection Solutions are exclusive importers and applicators of these adhesive antifoul products – there’s no other film like it in the New Zealand market,” says Mitchell.

“We’re also planning on expanding into the Australian market, we’ve recently secured exclusive rights to the Eastern Seaboard of Australia, and we will continue to import and use the FLOW™ products from Europe.”

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