World Leaders in Industrial Products and Solutions Atlas Copco New Zealand Offer State-of-the-Art Natural Gas Technology and Services

World Leaders in Industrial Products and Solutions Atlas Copco New Zealand Offer State-of-the-Art Natural Gas Technology and Services

By Ciaran Warner

The internationally-available and long-respected products and services of leading industrial company Atlas Copco are renowned for being as efficient as they are versatile.

One of the many services they offer is access to industrial gasses and gas generators, an essential element in technology utilised by many industries worldwide.

Atlas Copco can offer industrial gas generator options for nitrogen or oxygen generation, solutions which are both innovative and energy-efficient.

“Making your own industrial gas enables you to produce the right required amount of nitrogen or other gas to meet your exact need, and at the purity that your application requires,” says Brian Jack, CTS Aftermarket Sales of Atlas Copco’s Hamilton branch.

“Atlas Copco’s NGP+ nitrogen generator can deliver nitrogen at purity levels of up to 99.999%. It gives you access to the right level of purity, it can drastically reduce the cost per cubic metre of gas, and it never runs out.”

A huge variety of industries rely on the products and solutions that Atlas Copco have been providing and servicing for decades, including engineering, agriculture, food and beverage, mining, healthcare, and many more.

“Many businesses do not realise the amount of money that is spent in buying nitrogen,” Brian says.

“In many cases there might be as strong case made for making your own nitrogen using one of our nitrogen generators, like our NGP+. The cost per cubic metre can be vastly reduced and you are not paying for transportation.”

With service technicians available in eleven different locations throughout the country, in both the North and South Island, Alas Copco are more than able to service what they sell, standing by the quality of their products, and are dedicated to providing their clients with the best possible customer service.

With an emphasis on environmental care, a readiness to deal with unexpected emergencies, and technology that puts safety first, Atlas Copco is the go-to business for industries both at home and off-shore.

For more information on Atlas Copco’s industrial gasses and services, visit them here.


About Atlas Copco:

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Atlas Copco provides efficient and innovative industrial equipment, with over 40, 000 employees and customers in over 180 countries. With a vision of “First in Mind, First in Choice,” Atlas Copco have become internationally renowned for the safety, sustainability and durability of the many different solutions and innovations they provide. Their products and services include compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools, assembly systems, and more.


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