Young rising Kiwi Artist Zap is one energetic entertainer to be on the lookout for.

Young rising Kiwi Artist Zap is one energetic entertainer to be on the lookout for.

Since 2016 Isaac Gibson, known as ZAP, has been bringing his fresh take on social entertainment to his thousands of fans on his Facebook page.

Harnessing the power of social media, ZAP brings energy and humour to his unique take on the Freestyling genre.

A man of many talents, ZAP brings a blend of rapping, freestyle rap, music and entertainment to his fans.

ZAP labels his followers and fans as anyone at any age who enjoy and have similar interests in what he does, which is evident by the fact that his public freestyle rap videos on his Facebook page are hugely popular.

ZAP has big dreams in his sights. “I want to be known as one of New Zealand’s most famous entertainers and be known around the globe as well,” comments ZAP

He describes his international appeal as one his greatest accomplishments, “gaining followers from all around the globe has been great, but this is only the beginning and still have a long way to go. I'm here for the journey” adds ZAP.

The core values that ZAP believes in include promoting good vibes, working hard, stay humble and keeping positive. “Learn from your mistake, have fun in what you do and go global,” comments ZAP.

Upping his entertainment game, in future ZAP wants to get more into producing skits. His other interests include acting, films and fashion.

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