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Make the most of your trip to the Taupō region with a visit to the Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary and a stay at The Flying Trout Boutique Lodge.

Photo sourced from wairakeigolfcourse.co.nz   Just a few kilometres north of Taupō is the small settlement of Wairakei - a geothermal hot spot and home to the Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary. Voted New Zealand’s Number 1 Golf Course, the Wairake ...

Tauranga-based ethnic restaurant Great Spice Tandoori Indian Restaurant & Bar features a delicious house entrée menu.

Tauranga-based ethnic restaurant Great Spice Tandoori Indian Restaurant & Bar are serving up scrumptious entrees that are a must try. “You can choose your mouth-watering entree from a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options,” says ...

Check out ‘What’s On At Waikato Museum’ while staying at Argent Motor Lodge in Hamilton from July-September.

The rainy months in New Zealand are the perfect time to indulge in indoor activities that spark the creative side of the brain. Located in Hamilton, just 3 minutes’ drive from Argent Motor Lodge, is the Waikato Museum - Te Whare Taonga o Waikato. ...

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We exist to make the internet a more inspiring place to be. We are a global content marketing agency, purpose-built to deliver high performance content.

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  • As a chef with a public profile targeted PR and quality social media management is key to maintaining the growth of my brand and keeping engagement with my followers high.

    With my recent appointment as a brand ambassador to Australian company Brookfarm, MediaPA and their Boost product has been extremely successful in promoting this as well as providing a long term strategic plan for my communications and public relations. I recommend Phillip Quay and his team at MediaPA as a very professional operation that listens to my needs, presents and puts in place practical solutions.


    Chef Jimmy Boswell
    Chef Jimmy Boswell,


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