Day: July 8, 2020

New Zealand’s leading accounting experts, Tutbury & Associates Limited , launch a free Trust seminar.

If you are a Trust Settler or Trustee it will pay not to miss New Zealand’s premier accounting professionals, Tauranga-based Tutbury & Associates Limited, newly announced seminar all about the updated Trusts Act 2019. For the first time since the 1950s, New Zealand trust law is being reworked. “If you’re a Trust Settler or Trustee you should be now administering your trust in line with the new law changes from 30 January 2021,” advises Kelly


Protect yourself with the safe use of quad bikes with New Zealand’s leading Rural Consultants for Agsafe NZ Ltd.

According to Worksafe, five people are killed on New Zealand farms on average each year in work-related quad bike incidents this being about 50% of all the quad bike deaths. Additionally, there are more than 100 severe injuries each year on Kiwi farms. Leading Waikato-based rural Consultant, Jim Findlay with AgSafe NZ Ltd, can help you with quad bike safety management on your farm. Agsafe NZ Ltd is a resource for farmers and rural workers,