Artisan sheep’s milk producer, Fernglen Farm, brings a new taste to New Zealand’s palette with prebiotic flavoured sheep milk.

Sheep’s milk is not on the top of most kiwi’s shopping list but the good folks over at Masterton based Fernglen Farm is looking to change that with their high quality prebiotic flavoured sheep milk.

Winners of the 2020 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards, the sustainably and ethically produced sheep milk from Fernglen Farm has a rich, creamy and slightly sweet taste to it.

Other than being tasty, sheep’s milk comes with a multitude of benefits which makes it very good for you.  Sheep’s milk is high in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, thiamine, riboflavin, medium-chain fatty acids, linoleic acids and vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, B12 and D. Sheep’s milk contains nearly double the protein and calcium of cow’s milk.

Those that have trouble digesting cow’s milk or get eczema from cows’ milk, can replace it with sheep’s milk. Sheep’s milk contains only A2 type proteins which not only has great health benefits but it can also be more easily digested than A1 type proteins,

Committed to having a high standard of animal welfare, the sheep at Fernglen Farm might just be the happiest ewes in New Zealand. Grazing on lush pasture, the sheep free roam about and can take shelter in the form of shade trees and shelterbelts.

Fernglen Farm believe in handling stock in a way where they can naturally live healthy and comfortable lives. The team will only intercede when essential to ensure their animals can continue to thrive. Ewes and lambs stay together, Fernglen Farms just milk the surplus. Working with animals is a passion for all those at Fernglen Farm, which can be seen in the way they treat and interact with the animals in their care.

The motto over at Fernglen Farms is ‘better for you, better for earth’ so it’s easy to see why sustainable practices is just a way of life for them. From slip proofed hills by scatter planting trees, to fencing off streams and careful and efficient management of fertiliser and effluent application, is just a few of the many ways that Fernglen Farms reduce their environmental impact and help prepare for a better tomorrow.  Sheep naturally have a much lower environmental footprint than other animals such as cattle.

Fernglen Farms is family owned and operated from pasture to product and is made up of young entrepreneurs with the kiwi entrepreneurial spirit, aiming to make New Zealand urban folk proud of farmers again.

If your curious about sheep’s milk or are keen to try it, just hop on the Fernglen Farms website and find a stockist near you.

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