Ashburton-based Agraforum: Unveiling Agricultural Excellence For the First Time at the Waimumu, Gore, Southern Field Days – One of NZs Largest Agricultural Events

In an exciting development for agricultural enthusiasts, Agraforum makes its debut as a first-time exhibitor at the Waimumu, Gore, Southern Field Days on the 14th to the 16th of February 2024, bringing forth a wealth of innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology to the heart of the farming community. The Southern Field Days, renowned for showcasing the latest advancements in agriculture, is the perfect platform for Agraforum to introduce its products to the wider community.

Allan Piercy

With a rich history spanning over 25 years, Agraforum’s story began with the discovery of ComCat® in Germany—an extraordinary plant extract with transformative potential for the agricultural industry. In New Zealand, Agraforum’s journey took root through the vision of Allan Piercy, a rural vet driven by the belief that livestock health and reproductive rates were intricately linked to feed quality and soil structure. Agraforum’s product range, designed for dairy farms, crop farms, and orchards, goes beyond conventional offerings, delivering results that exceed expectations. The comprehensive suite of products addresses the entire spectrum, from soil enhancement to plant fortification. Farmers worldwide trust Agraforum’s solutions to enhance soil structure, decrease reliance on fertilisers and irrigation, strengthen plants and crops, and ultimately, yield higher-quality feed.

At the Southern Field Days, Agraforum invites visitors to witness the culmination of years of dedication and innovation. As a first-time exhibitor, the company is set to showcase its groundbreaking products and services. Engage with Agraforum experts at the event to learn how their solutions have redefined farming outcomes in New Zealand.

Explore the forefront of rural innovation, machinery, and global concepts displayed over three days at the Southern Field Days. With a growing attendance trend, major players in the rural sector will be showcasing their latest products and ideas. Whether you’re directly involved in farming or have any connection to the agricultural landscape, mark this event in your calendar—it’s a must-attend showcase of cutting-edge technology and insights shaping the future of farming.

As Agraforum joins the Southern Field Days, they bring not just a range of revolutionary products but a legacy of agricultural excellence that has shaped farming practices worldwide. Visit their exhibit to experience first-hand the future of farming.

Check out Agraforums updated website to learn more about what they can bring to the table.

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