Benefits of hiring a professional for all your roof and exterior cleaning needs with Rotorua’s leading business and house washing service, Exterior Washing Services.

Having your home regularly cleaned by an experienced pressure washing company will ensure that your roof and home remains in good condition for years to come says Rotorua’s leading business and house washing service, Exterior Washing Services.

Roof cleaning is a delicate job and best suited to a trained expert and hiring a professional roof and exterior cleaning service has many benefits.

Not all cleaning solutions are created equal. A lot of cleaning chemicals are not suitable to clean your roof and exterior surfaces and in the case of moss, lichen and algae, standard grade cleaning products just won’t cut it. “One of our first steps is to evaluate your roof and walls the materials used and provide a cleaning solution that is appropriate and won’t have long-term adverse effects on the roof and exterior surfaces,” comments Exterior Washing Services owner/operator, Johnny Saini.

Have a regular professional roof clean is a lot cheaper than having to replace your roof.  Grime, lichen, moss and algae can harm the integrity of your roof. “Once tiles get damaged, the only option is to replace them,” adds Johnny.

Experience counts a lot in many professions, with exterior cleaning being one of them.  When you hire an expert in this field, it means that have hands-on experience and understands the different types of materials and the best approach to clean each of them.

Roof cleaning is dangerous work. The mix of working with heights and slippery cleaning chemicals, shouldn’t be taken on by an amateur.  By hiring a professional exterior cleaner, they will know how best to approach this. “We have safety clothing, training, techniques and equipment that ensures the safety of both the workers and the house itself,” says Johnny.

Exterior Washing Services provides high-quality commercial or industrial property cleaning at affordable rates across the Waikato and Bay Of Plenty. For a free quote, give Johnny at Exterior Washing Services a call on 021 150 6361.

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