Bethells Beach Cottages, natural luxury for humans being, West of Auckland: A Serene Sanctuary to Stay for Love, Celebrations, and Timeless Memories

On the 23rd of November, Bethells Beach Cottages will be hosting an exclusive event for 10-15 couples actively searching for a venue and a complete wedding package. The invitation extends primarily to brides and grooms, with a special focus on those in pursuit of an Auckland-based venue. For those interested, please contact us to secure your spot. We require names and contact details and recommend retrieving directions from our website.

The chosen venue for this gathering is the Pavilion, a charming space with a touch of elegance. The event will feature a delightful menu including pizzas crafted by John, who will personally make the bases and tomato sauce, while other ingredients and drinks will be curated by our team.

Turehu Cottage, known for its scenic beauty, will be open for viewing, providing an opportunity to explore the grounds and appreciate the available facilities, including bathroom amenities. The festivities will include both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, with one complimentary drink upon arrival. Additional drinks can be purchased throughout the event. The setup will comprise three tables with chairs, adorned with flowers to enhance the ambience. The event will span from 4 pm to 8 pm, offering an ideal window to experience the beauty of Bethells Beach Cottages.

Trude herself is a marriage celebrant who has serviced around the Cook Islands, NZ and surrounding areas. Her main focus is elopements and smaller weddings of up to 28 people.

Bethells Beach Cottages natural luxury for humans being.

Situated on the picturesque landscape of Bethells Beach, New Zealand, has a rich history of guests dating back to 1903. Founded by Trude Bethell (5th generation), the property has evolved into a sanctuary for relaxation, events, and celebrations. Trude, with a family connection deeply rooted in the location, has continued the tradition of providing hospitality, creating an environment that reflects her commitment to fostering connections and love for nature.

The addition of the Pavilion and marquee facilities in 2000 expanded the venue’s versatility, making it suitable for weddings, conferences, corporate events, and more. Trude and her husband John, with diverse skills ranging from hospitality management to carpentry, have worked tirelessly to transform the cottages into a sought-after destination.

Bethells Beach Cottages stand as a testament to the enduring legacy of family heritage, hard work, and the power of vision. For those seeking an escape to a place where peace, nature, and warm hospitality converge, Bethells Beach Cottages are a beacon of love and a celebration of life.

To give is to love and to love is to live – Trude Bethell

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