Deciding on the best time to get your home cleaned with Rotorua’s leading commercial and house washing service, Exterior Washing Services.

Trying to decide when would be a good time to get your home washed? Then check out this guide from Rotorua’s leading washing service for commercial and residential properties, Exterior Washing Services.

After a particular rainy or wet weather period is a great time to have your house wash. While you may think that rain will help clean your home, it is quite the opposite. Rain is full of dirt, which can leave your house looking unclean and dusty.

Conversely, hot and muggy weather can accelerate the growth of mould and mildew on the exterior of your home. Keep an eye out for any signs of both and pressure wash as soon as you notice any mould growth. For the most effective time to have a house wash, a mild and sunny day is best. This type of day is best as it gives the sun the chance to dry the house thoroughly.

If your home is located in the rural heartland or near a dirt road, you probably will need to pressure wash your house every few months. This is especially true for the drier seasons where dirt and grime can dry and cake to the side of your house. Additionally, if your home is located near a lot of trees or bushes, examine the outside of your house for sap build up.

There are many factors when deciding when will be the best time to clean the exterior of your home but it does depend on where you live and what kind of dirt gets into your home. A good rule to follow is to clean the exterior thoroughly at least once every year, with additional cleanings happening when needed.

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