Don’t miss your chance to vote on Hamilton’s leading beauty salon, Unique Skin and Body Hamilton sustainability poll.

Sustainability is a hot topic for many industries these days with businesses looking for ways to improve their operations in a sustainable way.  The team at Unique Skin and Body Hamilton are asking their clients about how they should go about their sustainability.

“They were shocked we don’t have the residential bins or can’t get them,” says Unique Skin and Body Hamilton owner and operator Lynne French.

Others asked if they could absorb the cost if they decide to join the campaign. “That would mean we would be putting two dollars onto each treatment; therefore the cost would be greater as they would be two dollars per service so if they have more than one service they will be charged. Whereas we plan only one two-dollar fee by appointment,” comments Lynne.

“My answer is at the time we have to increase for reasons it certainly would not be two dollars per treatment, we do not have any intention to raise prices at present,” adds Lynne.

You can vote on the poll yourself by visiting the salon at 87 Grey St, Hamilton East when it reopens after lockdown.

Unique Skin and Body Hamilton team pride themselves on being a boutique salon that will go the extra mile in look after you and cares for your unique needs. “Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience which leaves you looking and feeling great,” says Lynne.

Whether you’re after the perfect pedicure, facial, massage, manicure or just a bit of pampering because your day at work was hectic, Unique Skin and Body Hamilton is a place you can go to. Unique Skin and Body Hamilton can provide you with the latest treatments for health and beauty.

Whether your skin is in need of a pick me up, or you’re looking to treat yourself to something special, or you’re simply trying to maintain the healthy look and feel you’ve worked so hard for, Unique Skin and Body Hamilton has the treatment for you.

Unique Skin and Body Hamilton, our spa offers a wide range of treatments for your beauty and skincare needs. They partner with the best brands in the beauty industry to ensure we provide the best treatments for you.

All our treatments are carried out by skilled and qualified beauty therapists who maintain high standards of hygiene and use only the best products available for professional facial, massage, manicure and hair removal services.

“Our goal is to treat each of our clients like a VIP and create an inviting relaxing spa like atmosphere for you to escape and feel great,” comments Lynne.

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