Drumm Nevatt And Associates Top 10 To Do and Activities In Howick East Auckland

Drumm Nevatt & Associates have proudly put an office in Howick. We love east Auckland and want to share the joys of East Auckland. Howick is a historic neighborhood with plenty to do. Here are the top 10 things to do in East Auckland and Howick.

  1. Howick is surrounded by beautiful swimming beaches including Cockel Bay and Mellons bay. Our personal favorite is Howick beach. Howick beach is walking distance from Howick Village. It has gorgeous views to take in. As an extra bonus Howick beach is a very safe swimming beach. Which is great for everyone but especially those who are bringing kids.
  1. Mangemangeroa Walkway is a beautiful  walkway that starts on Somerville Road and if you head north will take you to Cockel Bay and if you head south will take you to Hayley Lane. The walk is littered with both Maori history as well as history from early settlers. 
  1. The cultural and artistic hub of Howick sits in the dead center of the Howick Village. Uxbridge Arts & Culture was established in 1981 and has been a center for creative projects ever since. Within Uxbridge there is a gallery containing various exhibitions displaying the creativity of modern local artists. 
  1. Auckland is a cultural melting pot with representation from every corner of the globe. Howick is no exception. To learn more about one of Auckland’s many cultures visit the Polish Heritage Trust Museum. The exhibits are educational and focus on Polish culture and history, as well as the early history of Polish people in New Zealand. Just a 15 minute walk from the Howick village, it’s a very easy add on to your trip to east Auckland. http://www.polishheritage.co.nz/
  1. A special dose of history resides at the Emilia Maud Nixon Garden of Memories. The garden is a public reserve that is a historical Auckland  landmark. The garden was established by Emilia Maud Nixon in an attempt to improve the relationship and understanding between Maori and Europeans. On the garden grounds there is Emilia Maud Nixon’s original home as well as a public reserve area.
  1. If you are in the area on a Saturday morning make your way down to Picton Street and visit the Howick Village market. The market has delectable food stalls for you to try, fresh produce and various craft gifts. https://www.howickvillage.co.nz/howick-markets/
  1. A scenic gem just outside of Howick is the Duder Regional Park. Duder Regional Park is a loop track that is roughly 6km long with breathtaking views of the ocean along the way. At the end of the peninsula is Whakakaiwhara, a historic Maori Pa.
  1. The literal peak of Howick is Stockade Hill. Walking to the top of Howick village you will get the best view posible of the Hauraki Golf. Stockade Hill is also the home of the Howick war memorial.
  1. Howick Village is also the home of the second oldest church in New Zealand. All Saints Church is a historic anglican church that will visually transport you back to 1847 when it was first built. 2 Saturdays a month the church ground also plays host to the Classy Crafts market. https://www.allsaintshowick.org.nz/
  1.  Dining in Howick is diverse and contains plenty of options for every one. The Good Home is a modern and stylish gastro pub, asian flare comes through with the Miyuki Japanese Restaurant and the Benjarong Thai Restaurant. These are just a few of the limitless options in Howick. 

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