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Soil magnetism plays a crucial role in soil health, affecting nutrient availability, soil structure, and microbial activity. An often-overlooked cause of soil compaction is the loss of electrical charge in soil colloids—tiny charged particles essential for maintaining soil structure. This disruption, caused by excessive salts, sodium, and poor agricultural practices, weakens soil colloids, leading to compaction and degradation.

Envirocal, a calcium-based soil conditioner, addresses these issues by enhancing the electrical charge of soil colloids. Calcium helps bind soil particles together into aggregates, improving soil structure and health. This creates a favourable environment for soil microbes, which are vital for forming soil aggregates and enhancing soil structure through the production of glomalin.

Correcting Soil Compaction

Compaction, often seen as a result of heavy machinery or excess rainfall, actually stems from the loss of electrical charge in soil colloids. These colloids act like magnets, with internal and external electrical charges that bind them into aggregates by attracting a balance of cations and anions. When this balance is disrupted by excessive salts (found in most fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides), sodium, or poor agricultural practices, the colloids weaken and disperse, leading to soil degradation and erosion.

The key to mitigating compaction lies in correcting mineral balances, particularly by increasing available calcium. This enhances the electrical charge of soil colloids, promoting aggregation and improving soil health. Improved soil structure also fosters a hospitable environment for soil microbes, crucial for forming soil aggregates and enhancing soil structure through glomalin production.

Addressing soil compaction and enhancing soil magnetism with Envirocal is essential for sustainable farming. By improving soil structure and nutrient availability, Envirocal helps create a healthier soil environment, leading to better crop yields and long-term soil health. As highlighted by Agraforum New Zealand, focusing on correcting the underlying causes of compaction is crucial for maintaining productive and sustainable agricultural practices.

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