Exploring the Cardrona Valley: Three Thrilling Modes of Transport with The Cardrona Horse Quad Bike & Buggy Adventures

Nestled in the heart of Wanaka lies an adventure seeker’s paradise, offering an array of exhilarating experiences to traverse the rugged terrain of the picturesque Cardrona Valley all year round. The Cardrona Horse Quad Bike & Buggy adventures presents an enticing trifecta of exploration, catering to diverse preferences and ages. Let’s delve into the trio of transport options available: Quad Bikes, Off-Road Buggies, and Horses.

1. The Cardrona Quad Bikes: Conquer the Terrain For the adrenaline aficionados, the Yamaha 350-450cc Quad bikes beckon, promising an adrenaline-fuelled escapade through the rugged landscapes. Fully automatic gearing and 4WD capability ensure both safety and comfort, with heated handle grips for added luxury. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned rider, tailor-made trails cater to all skill levels.
Explore the high country and reach breathtaking alpine vantage points inaccessible by conventional means. With small group sizes and flexible departure times, The Cardrona Quad Bikes ensures a personalised experience.

2. The Cardrona Off-Road Buggies: Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

Prefer a scenic leisurely excursion or have little ones in tow? The Yamaha Viking 6-seater 4×4 Off- Road buggy provides a comfortable alternative. Navigate diverse terrains effortlessly while relishing panoramic views. With superior suspension, windscreen, and roof, passengers are shielded from the elements, accompanied by experienced & entertaining guides at the wheel. Alternatively, opt for the new Polaris Ranger 3-seater side-by-side buggies, available for passenger or self-drive adventures (conditions apply). From family outings to special occasions, these buggies offer a safe and enjoyable mode of exploration.

3. The Cardrona Horses: Embrace Nature’s Pace

For a serene communion with nature, embark on a horse trek through the majestic mountains. Handpicked trekking horses, renowned for their gentle disposition, lead riders on an unforgettable journey. With tailored riding lessons and a focus on relaxed, “loose rein” riding, even beginners can savour the experience. Syd Hill Half Breed saddles ensure comfort for both rider and horse, while children over five can partake in this enchanting
adventure. Maximum weight limits and small group sizes ensure a personalised and safe outing.

Tailored Adventures Await
Whether you’re a thrill-seeker craving speed, a family seeking a leisurely outing, or a nature enthusiast yearning for tranquillity, The Cardrona offers the perfect escapade. With Quad Bikes, Off-Road Buggies, and Horses at your disposal, explore the captivating landscapes of the Cardrona Valley in style any time of the year. Contact Kel today to curate your bespoke adventure and create cherished memories amidst New Zealand’s breathtaking

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