Farmers are more than you think says with New Zealand’s leading Rural Consultants for AgSafe New Zealand Ltd.

Having to take on multiple roles, the kiwi farmer is so much more than a person  you see working on farm. There is so much going on behind the scenes to be a successful farm operator says New Zealand’s leading farm consultants, AgSafe NZ.

“Farming is a multi-disciplined business and those working the land to produce food are required to undertake many tasks that in other disciplines would require a series of specialists,” says Jim Findlay, Rural Consultant for AgSafe New Zealand Ltd.

Being farmer is so much more than just working the land. A modern farmer is expected to be a scientist, a veterinary expert, a engineer, a plant operator, an accountant, a stock manager, a economist, a meteorologist, a environmentalist, the list could go on and on.

For example, the proper use of equipment needs knowledge of the farm business, especially the operators must understand their inputs to create the best possible feed, whether for livestock or human consumption.

Taking on many roles a well-informed operator must have sound understanding of the science around the plants (agronomy) and the soils and fertilisers (pedology) and be mindful all the time of the environment and the weather (metrology). 

A skilled operator must be able to operate a wide range of farm equipment safely, while being an on-the-spot mechanic and engineer, to accurately fix machines when they are broken or not working in a safe standard.

Just like everyone else, we all want to arrive home safely after work. In agriculture there is strict legislative compliance that is required to be followed to in every activity. This legislation often changes, so operator is not only expert to have a and sound knowledge of what is required but also keep up with all the changes.  “Compliance also underpins a healthy and safe workplace<” adds Jim.

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