Fieldays 2020 postponed.

Following Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s announcement yesterday, regarding the cancellation of large gatherings to prohibit the spread of COVID-19, the New Zealand National Fieldays Society will be postponing the Fieldays event scheduled for 10-13 June 2020.

“The Society stands by the governments’ decision to cancel events that draw crowds over 500 in order to stall the spread of COVID-19”, says Society CEO Peter Nation.
“We value our loyal stakeholders, including the many exhibitors, suppliers, volunteers, visitors, staff and their extended family, immensely. The whole event is about them. Their health and safety is of utmost importance to us and we take the government’s decision seriously.”

Fieldays remains a central part of the New Zealand agricultural community and calendar. It’s a chance for friends to catch up, local and global businesses to network, cutting edge innovations are out on show and education is at the heart of the events’ delivery.

“The world may be undergoing major challenges in response to COVID-19, but in this changing environment Fieldays will remain, albeit at a later date.”