Five tips for getting started with the Keto Diet with New Zealand’s leading online provider of low carb and keto friendly products.

Thinking about making a healthier lifestyle change? Try switching to keto and reap all the health benefits says New Zealand’s newest provider of low carb and keto friendly products, Lowcarb Online Limited.

Keto changes the way your body works

The keto diet works by switching your body from running on sugar and carbohydrates, to burning dietary fat and your own body fat for energy. This is popularly called ketosis, a state in which your body uses ketones as fuel for producing energy. While eating keto, you should never go over 50 gr of carbohydrates per day, and try to stay around the 20gr mark. Did you know that bananas and dates are really high in carbs? So it pays to do your due diligence, you might be surprised where there are hidden carbs.

Choose the right Keto diet based on your preferences

Unlike other diets, Keto gives you lots of options. Before you start you should first check if you have ready access to keto foods and there is something you like that you can use as staple for your meals. Keto is based on food containing high amounts of healthy fats, such as eggs, nuts, high quality oils and fatty fish, and a moderate amount of protein, which works best when organically mixed with fat, such as beef or pork. A common question that comes up is whether vegetarians can follow a keto lifestyle: the answer is yes, as long as you keep your daily intake of protein high enough.

A basic Keto plate: The Fat/Protein/Carbs Ratio

When eating on keto, you should pay attention to the calorie count as well as the macros. As keto is based on fat, you should try to fill your plate with up to 70% of healthy fats, but this should be lowered at a later point and replaced with vegetables, once your body is fat-adapted. This is done so that your body can burn your own fat instead of just the dietary ones. It’s also important to keep your protein high – around 25% of your plate must be protein, as it is crucial for rebuilding your muscles. A good rule to keep is that Carbs should never go over 5% of your plate. Lowcarb Obline canhave a tailored solution for you at

Don’t get discouraged if the results don’t come right away

Getting adapted to a ketogenic diet can’t be done overnight. Your body will need at least a couple of weeks to get used to a new diet. and this period increases with your age. Some people don’t see any weight loss results for up to a month! Keto is actually one of the best diets for weight loss for the elderly population, as anybody can work on ketones, no matter the age. It may just take longer to get used to it, so don’t give up if you don’t get immediate results.

Quality over Quantity: Pick Your Products Wisely.

Rather than focusing on when and how much you should east, first try to improve the quality of the food you eat. Processed food is much harder to digest and it has almost no nutritional value. Ketogenic lifestyle supports quality over quantity. If you invest into organic vegetables and grass-fed and organic meat, your meals will be nutrition-dense and great for keto, weight loss and your health.

So if you are thinking of making the healthy switch to keto, make sure you check out Lowcarb online when it officially launches in November. Their great range of products and quick delivery to your door will make switching to keto a whole lot easier.

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