Franklin-based Gaynor O’Neil is New Zealand’s premier LinkedIn Profile Writer.

LinkedIn is the way forward for credibility in this social media world and Pukekohe-based Gaynor O’Neil is your highly professional LinkedIn profile writer that you can’t afford to be without.

An effective Career Writer and Recruitment Consultant Gaynor has now seen LinkedIn Profiles as a new revolutionary way to market yourself and your products in the online world especially at this time when companies are seeking new credible companies in their own country. 

Since 1985 Gaynor O’Neil has been an Australasian Career Writer, LinkedIn Profile Writer and Recruitment Specialist.  

Gaynor, MRCSA, is a highly skilled and qualified Recruitment Consultant and now a top LinkedIn Specialist. “A core value for me is doing a great job for my customers and having them come back to me” adds Gaynor.

A former career columnist for a leading weekly newspaper in New Zealand, some of Gaynor’s many achievements include building up five successful recruitment businesses in Auckland city and selling these businesses.

Her ‘School Leavers’ Guide’ was sponsored by the Bank of New Zealand.

Gaynor is also a published author with her “Selling Yourself To Employers!” co-authored with Tom O’Neil and published by New Holland being sold throughout the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

With over 675 million monthly active users, once you join LinkedIn, each connection made introduces you to an average of 400 new people. According to LinkedIn, 91% of marketers use LinkedIn as the number one platform when they want to access professionally relevant content.

According to 99 Firms, 90 million senior level-influencers use LinkedIn, Over 63 million business decision-makers use LinkedIn and 92% of companies listed on the Fortune 500 use LinkedIn.

For all your LinkedIn needs, make Gaynor O’Neil your first choice.

Important LinkedIn statistics for 2020:

  • LinkedIn has 15x more content impressions than job postings.
  • Engagement has increased 50%, year over year.
  • Employees are 14x more likely to share content from their employers than other types of content on LinkedIn.
  • An ad on LinkedIn can reach 12% of the world’s population.
  • 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing.

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