Hamilton’s Hillcrest Pharmacy in the Remadee Lounge is supporting “BLUE SEPTEMBER” fundraiser to raise awareness for prostate cancer with a charity boxing match featuring Olympian David Nyika.

Hamilton’s Hillcrest Pharmacy in the Remadee Lounge is getting behind the “BLUE SEPTEMBER” fundraiser, which helps raise awareness of prostate cancer, and the importance of a prostate check-up, with a charity boxing match featuring Olympic bronze medallist Boxer David Nyika.

It’s father vs son for a great cause. Hamilton’s Hillcrest Pharmacy brand ambassador David Nyika will be taking on his father, Hillcrest Pharmacy Pharmacist Simon Nyika, in a charity boxing match to raise awareness for “BLUE SEPTEMBER”.

“We are proud to be supporting this vital fundraiser to help support awareness of prostate cancer,” says Tom Bennett, owner at Hillcrest Pharmacy. 

Prostate cancer is the third highest cause of cancer death for Kiwi men. Close to 4,000 Kiwi men a year are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and Men with a family history are more likely to receive this diagnosis. People with a delayed diagnosis are twice as likely to die.

650 Kiwi men die annually due to the lack of access to health care services; this fundraiser will help advocate better healthcare for prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer deaths have reduced thanks to the increased awareness of the disease. The key to reducing prostate cancer deaths is to spread awareness; an early diagnosis can save your life.

Prostate cancer is more common in men over 50 years of age, and it is recommended that men of that age be routinely screened. Regular screening is also recommended for those over 40 if there is a family history of prostate cancer. You can get a prostate check from your doctor, the exam takes a few minutes, and it can save your life.

“We are committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our community. We are hoping to encourage everyone to get behind this fundraiser and spread the understanding of how important it is to get check-ups,” adds Tom.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation receives no government funding. It relies on community support and your generosity to help spread the message for men to have regular checks, fund research that will improve diagnosis and treatment outcomes, and provide support for those who need it the most.

“Every donation helps the awesome people at The Prostate Cancer Foundation to improve the health outcomes of Kiwi men,” adds Tom.

If you would also like to support this vital fundraiser for men’s health, you can donate at the Hillcrest Pharmacy and the Remadee Lounge and Café, or donate directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation using this link – https://fundraise.prostate.org.nz/event/blueseptember/donate

For further information on the Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ, see Hillcrest Pharmacy or visit https://fundraise.prostate.org.nz/event/blueseptember

Helpline: 0800 477 678

Email: info@prostate.org.nz