Hello darlings! Hamilton musician and comedian, Michael John shows off new character, Lady John.

Hamilton’s own the musician and comedian Michael John is pushing his creativity into the spotlight as Lady John.

Michael describes Lady John as the great aunt you always wanted to have with all the social connections of a royal aristocrat. 

Michael John dresses up, changes his personality, changes his voice and sings as Lady John.

“She’s elegant and sophisticated and is definitely not afraid to push the boundaries,” says Michael John.

Self-described as an entertainer who has a ‘feel-good’ energy Michael John has become known for his unique showcases of music and comedy and being a crowd pleaser.

“She’s the queen of all the night birds and the doorway to our imaginations,” adds Michael.

Michael John’s Lady John showcase will feature enjoyable comedy that will touch base on sensitive topics and will be sure to capture anyone’s imagination. 

You can expect to see more of Michael John’s creation when he brings it to venue near you. Michael John has a lifelong a passion for singing and comedy, which he brings into his Lady John Character.

Michael John has been hard at work developing new music with comedic elements, dressing as different characters to complement each act in a musical showcase. The music and the comedy will have you laughing along the way.  

“Lady John is a likable character with great nature, whether your being interviewed by her or meet her in public, she is guaranteed to leave with an experience and laughter that only she can, a unique experience for anyone who enjoys a great comedian at work,” adds Michael.

So if you are on the lookout for fantastic evening out that is full of laughs and would be a night to remember, make sure you look out for Lady John.

Check him out on Facebook on The Michael John Experience page for a bit fun and to keep up to date with his latest news.

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