Invest in your farms future through soil testing with Hamilton-based Soil Scientist Dr Gordon Rajendram (PhD).

Soil testing is an investment the future prosperity of your farm or rural business says New Zealand’s leading expert in soil fertility, soil scientist Dr Gordon Rajendram (PhD).

“Put simply, soil testing help to identify production problems related to nutrient deficiencies or imbalances,” says Dr Gordon Rajendram.

But how do you know which elements you need and what quantity you need to ensure that your livestock and crops healthy and nutrient efficient? The answer is soil testing! Coming in at less than one percent of your total fertiliser costs, it is a cost-effective investment.

Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are commonly used on New Zealand farms, however, contrary to popular belief, there are actually 13 elements were needed for quality plant growth. Another three elements of cobalt, selenium and iodine are essential for animal health and nutrition.

“Soil testing gives farmers a decision-making tool to determine what nutrients to apply and how much,” says Gordon. Soil testing delivers assurance that fertiliser nutrients are being applied to soils for beneficial reasons, with the backup of scientific analysis

With soil testing you can have the confidence to know that you are applying the exact nutrients at the optimal rates at the correct time to maximise pasture production and quality as well as reducing the environmental impact. Soil testing can also help in optimising soil pH levels in every paddock.

“Soil testing allows you to have more efficient fertilizer use which allows for potential for higher yielding crops and higher quality crops,” advises Gordon.

Through expert soil testing and analysis, Gordon is dedicated to help all farmers get independent advice so they can get the most out of their soil so that their farm can work more efficiently, be sustainable while improving the farm profitability.

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