John Elliot: A Master Jeweller at Centennial House Taupo

Centennial House Taupo is pleased to feature the works of owner John Elliot, a skilled jeweller with a rich history in the craft. John’s journey began at Eton Jewellery in Hatton Garden, London, where he served his apprenticeship. During this time, he worked on various pieces, from simple diamond engagement rings and earrings to more significant creations, including a sapphire and diamond necklace for Princess Diana, commissioned by Garrard of London, the Queen’s jewellers.

After completing his apprenticeship, John pursued a self-employed career and joined Bellingham & Epstein, a company known for creating fine jewellery and objets d’art. Their work included reproductions of Fabergé pieces and luxury items like diamond-encrusted rock crystal caviar bowls. It was here that John met two New Zealanders who later encouraged him to move to New Zealand, where he currently resides and works.

 John continued his career with a group of jewellers in a workshop on Greville Street, near Hatton Garden, making fine antique reproduction jewellery. Some pieces were commissioned for the Sultan of Brunei. This experience led to an opportunity at Graff Diamonds, a well-respected name in jewellery manufacturing in Hatton Garden. At Graff, John worked with remarkable gems and honed his skills further.

 As John’s reputation grew, he received offers from various renowned jewellers in London’s West End. He ultimately joined David Morris International, attracted by their bold designs and large, beautiful gems.

 John has lived in New Zealand for the past 28 years and founded Elliot & Co., where he continues to create finely crafted jewellery. His dedication to quality and detail has earned him a respected place in the industry. At Centennial House, Taupo, visitors can view John’s work and appreciate his craftsmanship. Additionally, John offers bespoke wedding ring creation services, ideal for those planning their special day in Taupo. Wedding guests can commission unique, handcrafted rings that symbolise their enduring love and commitment.

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