Joining the digital revolution proves a winner for three directors of MAD Media

The team at MAD Media know all about promoting businesses in a digital world.

“The biggest recognition would be Ed Aish”, says Jacques Schoeman.

Ed loves to wear the MAD brand clothing line. Although Ed films for NPDC and VTT as MAD, it is his familiarity that links and resonates in public as the ‘face’ of MAD.

In a changing world that requires a modern and different approach for their audience, MAD has gathered experienced key personnel bringing a new dimension to his business in a world that has evolved from print media to digital solutions.

Little did MAD know at the time, the positive impact and results it would have for their clients using the latest technology and innovation, moving away from static to digital boards.

“It is really easy and affordable to get your name in lights. Unlike newspaper, radio, and even cinema, the ease of being able to chop and change adverts creates an ‘always on’ format.”

Traditional marketing no longer engages us, unlike innovative digital visual marketing, which can be interactive and creative in real-time.
Digital boards allow you to bridge the gap between old and new, captivating the ‘modern’ audience. Modern marketing has changed in a world tailored to distract and engage.

MAD Media has opened up a realm of opportunities to cover a market with the best reach at the best price. Providing advertising that can update content frequently is cost-effective and worth the investment for businesses for maximum distance.

As businesses evolve, you need a point of difference. There will always be competition in any industry, and MAD Media is a business that sets itself apart from others.

With media products currently operating in New Plymouth, Whanganui, Hamilton, and soon to be in Taupo and Palmerston North, it is fair to say reaching and expanding your audience reach through MAD Media is a no-brainer.

“No other media company in New Plymouth has the market coverage or offers the best-priced solutions when comparing apples with apples.”
Modern marketing has changed – the question is, has your business changed with it?