Kiwi Business Products In Whakatane Are Able To Kit Out Your Staff, Office And Factory

Sourcing supplies for your business can be a tedious task. Going to one supplier for your uniforms, one supplier for packaging and another for hygiene and cleaning products just isn’t ideal.

This can cost you money as you are paying for delivery from multiple suppliers and create extra hassle that you don’t need when you’re already dealing with the stress of running your business.

Most importantly this is a time delay that you don’t need. This can take you away from the other aspects of running your business or your personal life. As the old saying goes time is money.

We are a one-stop business solutions/ product supplier” says Steve Towns (pictured), founder of Kiwi Business Products

Steve and the team at Kiwi Business Products aim to take the hassle and confusion out of dealing with multiple suppliers by creating the one-stop shop for all your business supplies.

Started in 2007 under the name of Koru Branding the business then became Kiwi Business Products in 2011. Based out of Whakatane but able to supply products nationwide, Kiwi Business Products is a family business to the core.

With Steve himself working there, his wife doing all the branding on the clothes and his daughter helping with marketing and invoicing.

“100% family-owned from NZ” Steve adds proudly.

As a small family-owned business, Kiwi Business Products compete with many large Australian organisations. Impressively they are still able to offer a competitive range of products and prices, even when they are going against large multi-national corporations.

“We are New Zealand’s Top Supplier of all Business Products that you could ever need to kit out your staff, office and factory. We supply Apparel branded and unbranded, Safety Products, Promotional Products, Hygiene Products, Packaging Products, Cafe Supplies and Office Products.” Steve states.

When you look further into Kiwi Business Products’ business one-stop shop is truly the phrase that springs to mind. An incredibly diverse product range to suit all your business needs.

From toilet paper to PPE Kiwi Business Products really has it all. Their diverse product range can be summed up by browsing their website and seeing eight different product categories.

Not only are Kiwi Business Products able to supply your business with all the supplies your office or factory needs but they really set themselves apart in the branding aspect of their business. They are able to put your business’s logo on practically anything. They can supply these products plain but they are able to customize uniforms, mugs, pens and such like for your business.

Contact Kiwi Business Products today and take the hassle out of branding your business.


Phone: 0272132533