Leading Adhesive anti-fouling films specialists, Marine Protection Solutions, announce new product – Crystal Propeller.

Hailed as the future of propeller anti-fouling, New Zealand’s leaders in adhesive antifouling films and marine vinyl wrapping, Marine Protection Solutions, are excited to make ‘Crystal Prop’ available throughout New Zealand.

Crystal Prop is a specially formulated two-component high gloss acrylic paint. “It features high solid contents which can be applied on propellers, rudders, shafts, brackets and other metallic underwater gear,” says Glenn Clough, Director at Marine Protection Solutions New Zealand.

Crystal Prop creates a very smooth propeller surface ensuring a decrease in water resistance. “A smooth propeller greatly improves the overall performance of the vessel, resulting in higher hull speed, lower fuel consumption and a strong resistance to the onset of cavitation,” adds Mitchell.

Single coat application and easy to reapply. When applied, Crystal Prop reinforces into a durable protective coat of roughly 60 microns in a single layer. And best of all Crystal Prop is self-cleaning, biocide-free, non-exfoliating and will stand the test of time.

Coming in both black and clear colour options, “Crystal Prop’s strong and slippery surface allows it to behave like an antifouling paint and has anti-galvanic current effect with its direct adhesion to both alloys and steel,” advises Glenn.

Featuring exceptional gloss, high UV resistance and good resistance to atmospheric agents, Crystal Prop has excellent anti-scratch and chemical resistance with direct adhesion to metals and light alloys.

Marine Protection Solutions New Zealand are based in New Zealand, but are also internationally-focused so they can work with you no matter where in the world you are located. You can rely on the friendly experts at Marine Protection Solutions, to use only the best products while providing quality workmanship with efficient service.

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