Major expansion is on the horizon for Masterton-based artisan sheep’s milk producer, Fernglen Farm.

October is going to be a big month for Masterton-based Fernglen Farm as they expand rapidly into 15 more New World stores in the North Island.

“At Fernglen Farm we are excited to get our product out there more in the market this summer and make it more easily available for people to pick up from their local supermarket,” says Cameron Ravenwood from Fernglen Farms.

Sheep milk from Fernglen Farm comes from grass-fed sheep and is free of GMO’s, antibiotics and added hormones. And with this planned expansion, it’s going to be easier than ever to get your hands on this high quality prebiotic flavoured sheep milk.

Crafted and inspired by the goodness and wholesomeness of nature, sheep milk from Fernglen Farm is highly nutritious and comes packed to the brim of health benefits.

Fernglen Farm sheep milk is not only good to drink, but you can also feel good buying it due to their unwavering commitment to animal welfare and environmentally sustainable practices.

Nestled on the Wairarapa Coast, the pampered sheep at Fernglen Farms, graze on lush pasture at this little slice of kiwi paradise. All animals on the farm are treated with high ethical standards. “Our stock grazes as nature intended, only intervening if to ensure the health and well-being,” adds Cameron.

Also available in chocolate, vanilla and coffee flavours, “we only use natural ingredients to add a range of delicious flavours,” adds Cameron. 

Fernglen Farm will be in attendance at The Wellington Food Show from Friday the 30th of October to Sunday the 1st of November and will also be at The Auckland Food Show from Friday 19 November to Sunday 22nd November.

If your curious about sheep’s milk or want to give it a go, just hop on the Fernglen Farm website and find a stockist near you.

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