MediaPA and Bethells Beach Cottages Start the Wave for Bethells Beach Surf Lifesaving Patrol Recovery

Leading Hamilton-based digital marketing and PR company, MediaPA, and Bethells Beach Cottages have joined forces to launch a fundraising campaign aimed at supporting the vital community asset of the Bethells Beach Surf Lifesaving Patrol. Following the devastation caused by Cyclone Gabrielle one year ago on the 14th of February, which significantly impacted the volunteer club’s clubhouse and facilities, this collaborative effort underscores a unified commitment to revitalise and enhance the essential services provided by the Surf Lifesaving Patrol.

Bethells Beach Cottages, renowned for its serene hospitality, emerges not only as a supporter of local initiatives but also as a pivotal advocate for the Surf Lifesaving Patrol. Recognising the critical role the patrol plays in ensuring the safety and well-being of beachgoers, a focused gathering was convened to address the urgent needs for restoration and support.

This assembly, characterised by productive discussions and a spirit of collaboration, illuminated various avenues for funding, including the creation of compelling sponsorship proposals and the implementation of innovative public relations strategies. The dialogue extended beyond mere recovery, envisioning a robust framework for future resilience and community engagement. The participation and support of Auckland Tourism were particularly encouraging, highlighting the potential for broader support through strategic promotion and visibility.

The action plan developed is two-pronged: Firstly, itinvolves drafting and disseminating targeted sponsorship proposals thatresonate with potential benefactors’ values and community spirit. Secondly, itincludes executing a comprehensive PR strategy that not only underscores the club’svital role but also aligns with the collective aspirations for a stronger,united community front.

Once again, thanks are extended to everyone involved for being an indispensable part of this endeavour. There is keen anticipation to further the partnership and make a tangible difference in the lives of many, safeguarding the spirit and beauty of Bethells Beach for future generations.

Support the year-round volunteer lifesavers of Bethells Beach: Your donation can make a difference! In the wake of Cyclone Gabrielle’s impact on the Bethells Beach Surf Lifesaving Patrol, your contribution is more crucial than ever. The patrol, crucial for the safety of beachgoers on the West Coast, known for its hazardous tidal shifts and currents, faces an enormous administrative and operational burden. Your contribution is more vital than ever in aiding these brave lifeguards who ensure our beaches remain safe. By opening your wallet, you’re not just offering financial support; you’re saving lives and sustaining a crucial community asset. We encourage you to share this urgent call for support with others, amplifying the reach of your generosity and ensuring the patrol’s continued success in safeguarding the beauty and safety of Bethells Beach.

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