New Age Business Environments Require New Age Solutions – NZ Business Connect Continues to Strengthen its Foundation at the Heart of Success for All Members

Since its inception in late 2021, NZ Business Connect has set out to bring new life to the social support community. NZ Business Connect is a powerful community that cultivates a unique opportunity for all members to find the answers they need in their work and personal lives. Not limited to any profession or industry, NZ Business Connect promotes diversity as one of its many points of difference.

Joel Mounsey, NZ Business Connect

NZ Business Connect is more than a traditional networking community. Rolling up their sleeves and helping members with precise insight into modern business challenges is what NZ Business Connect do. NZ Business Connect is business education and a foundation for any aspiring individual wanting to make a difference in their field of expertise.  

“NZ Business Connect is growing quickly, and I’m lucky to be a part of it. We’re seeing success stories poor out of this community. People come alive at the NZ Business Connect events.” – Joel Mounsey, NZ Business Connect.

Joel is the Communications Coordinator & Business Developer for NZ Business Connect. Joel is a young professional looking for new ways to push the status quo and create purposeful new ideas which help others in the community. Joel was quick to get on board the NZ Business Connect opportunity.

“I enjoyed working with Phil and his team, every day was a fresh experience full of value.” “Phil creates an exciting entrepreneurial work environment which is very unique and empowering.” – Joel Mounsey

Joel is driven to create and inspire, with everything he does. Joel looks to further his partnership with NZ Business Connect and offers marketing, communications, and leadership services to the NZ Business Connect community.

Joel graduated from the University of Waikato in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree specialising in marketing and public relations. 

“I want to pursue business and continue to grow my marketing experience in content creation, and storytelling and stay up to speed with the latest marketing technologies that help businesses maintain and build relationships.”

Joel created Lads Army; a men’s mental health support group with a group of like-minded mates whom all saw the desperate need for such a community. Lads Army has expanded to a supportive online community that holds meetings every fortnight. Lads Army looks to partner with NZ Business Connect as they aim to reach more individuals in need of this service.

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