Profile Fertilisers: Championing Nutrient Management with Dr Gordon Rajendram

Profile Fertilisers, a leader in sustainable nutrient management, brings to light the intricate balance required in fertiliser application, drawing on the expertise of Dr Gordon Rajendram. The focus is not just on the enhancement of soil fertility but also on the stewardship of the environment by mitigating nutrient leaching – a critical concern in contemporary agriculture.

In regions experiencing rainfall and drainage varying from 500 to 7000 mm annually, the leaching of nutrients, particularly anions like nitrates, is a substantial risk. Profile Fertilisers advocate for precision in the application of nutrients, aligning with the natural cycles and absorption capacities of crops. The economic repercussions of nutrient leaching, as detailed by Dr Rajendram, are profound. Sulphur can leach at rates of 40-70 kg/ha/year, equating to a financial loss of $28-$49/ha/year. Nitrogen, if not managed properly, can leach at rates that exponentially increase with higher application, leading to significant economic and environmental costs.

The leaching of calcium, equivalent to half a ton of lime, represents not only a cost of $13/ha/year but also a loss of potential soil amendment that could have contributed to crop productivity. Magnesium, sodium, and potassium are not immune to these losses, further underscoring the need for careful management.

Dr Gordon Rajendram

Profile Fertilisers leverages Dr Rajendram’s research to implement strategies that reduce the environmental impact of farming. “Effective nutrient management is key to both economic efficiency and environmental stewardship,” Dr Rajendram advises. “By optimising fertiliser use, we can reduce leaching losses, saving both our resources and our rivers.”

Profile Fertilisers places a strong emphasis on soil testing, tailored fertiliser programmes, and innovative products that are environmentally friendly. By adopting these practices, farmers can maintain the delicate balance of nutrients in the soil, ensuring that they enrich their lands without compromising the health of the surrounding ecosystems.

Through strategic management and the utilisation of cutting-edge fertiliser technology, Profile Fertilisers is at the forefront of ensuring that agriculture remains both productive and sustainable for the future.

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