Sue says the favourite part of her job is to help people run their businesses wisely from the tax point of view.

Junior Accountant Sue Da Costa Pereira has a Bachelor of Applied Management majoring in accounting and is working towards her Chartered Accounting (CA) qualification in the industry.

Sue says working for Drumm Nevatt & Associates Limited (“DNA”) provides daily opportunities to learn new things, work independently, and be confident to take responsibility right from the beginning of her career.

DNA provides a tailored service for clients of different backgrounds. The personable, friendly environment offers all clients support when needed, which sets DNA apart from other accountancy firms.

Sue encourages anyone looking at starting a new business to get advice and a business plan from a specialised accountant!

A business plan, Sue explains, contains valuable short and long-term information for your business, giving you guidance and more certainty about your investment and assuring you of the right choice.

Specialised accountants have a deeper understanding of tax and financials and knowledge of different business areas. Therefore, they will always provide complete advice considering other factors of the business environment and giving the client certainty of the next steps.

Sue has entered into her second year of employment with Drumm Nevatt & Associates Limited and looks forward to engaging with new and existing clients.