Tanya Dunham: The Visionary Behind TD Realty Ltd MREINZ

With a rich history spanning three decades in the Bay of Plenty property market, Tanya Dunham is not your typical real estate entrepreneur. Armed with her National Diploma in Real Estate, she became the Managing Director of TD Realty Ltd MREINZ, introducing a refreshing approach that set her apart.

TD Realty’s unique selling proposition is a flat fee of $19k, applicable to properties across the Bay of Plenty and Western Bay of Plenty. This all-inclusive fee covers GST, marketing, AML compliance, brochures, professional photography, solicitor liaison, and more. Notably, there are no hidden costs or upfront fees. Tanya Dunham has redefined the real estate game by eliminating the traditional commission structure, providing a transparent and cost-effective solution for property transactions.

Targeting a diverse range of markets, TD Realty caters to absentee owners looking to sell their rental investments, retirees transitioning to village communities, first-time homebuyers, individuals seeking to reduce debt, and those navigating estate sales or divorces. Tanya’s commitment to meeting the specific needs of each demographic is evident in her tailored services.

Three key messages define TD Realty and its founder:

1. Decades of Expertise: Tanya Dunham brings over 30 years of professional and knowledgeable experience to the table, making her a trusted figure in the Bay of Plenty and Western Bay of Plenty real estate markets.

2. Risk-Free Commitment: Tanya assumes all risks associated with property transactions. There are no upfront fees, and the $19k commission is only payable upon the successful completion of an unconditional sale.

3. Empowered Decision-Making: As the boss, Tanya has the autonomy to make on-the-spot decisions. Her education and diploma equip her to navigate risks and provide accurate advice without external assistance.

Tanya is an avid reader, gardener, and animal enthusiast, she dedicates time to her six pets and enjoys long walks. Drawing from her past experience in the fashion industry on the Gold Coast, Tanya continues to design and sew. Additionally, her commitment to social giving is evident through support for various animal charities and Hospice.

Tanya’s engagement in networking groups and her involvement in social giving exemplifies her dedication to fostering connections and making a positive impact beyond the real estate sector. In the dynamic world of property transactions, Tanya Dunham stands as a beacon of innovation, redefining the landscape through TD Realty Ltd MREINZ.

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