The good guys looking after the good guys: Kia Puāwai dedicated wellbeing boosting programme brings health and resilience to the charitable sector.

Kia Puāwai supports charities and community groups with an abundance of wellness programmes designed to build resilience to maximise their community impact.

Community organisations do amazing and consistent work in our local communities. Day in and day out they put in a lot of hours and hard work in ensuring that our community is healthy and is a great place to live and work, often sacrificing their own health and wellbeing to get the job done.

Have you ever asked yourself who looks after them? The answer is Kia Puāwai. Kia Puāwai is a charitable trust that was established by Annah Stretton back in 2016 in reaction to New Zealand’s shocking and rapidly declining state of physical and mental health.

Kia Puāwai short and quick format, work-based wellbeing programme that rejuvenates and protects the wellbeing and mental resilience of all the wonderful people doing amazing things in our community.

With the philosophy of ‘Small Steps Lead to Big Gains’ Kia Puāwai workplace wellbeing and resilience-building programmes have all been specially developed to be easy to follow, stress-free and sustainable.

It helps workplaces by taking small steps, rather than big leaps, to achieve meaningful and lasting improvements in complete wellbeing.

Kia Puāwai wellbeing journey is designed for groups of 10-20 people. The 30 to 60 minutes sessions can be held weekly, at your premises and can cover one of the three core principles of Restore, Balance and Empower. It also includes modules on nutrition, movement, and mind management.

Aspire, Waikato Women’s Refuge, Child Matters and Habitat for Humanity Central Region are all participants of the programme.

Kia Puāwai welcomes charities from across the Northland, Bay of Plenty and the Waikato regions to participate in their wellbeing boosting programmes.

Not to mention that any charitable organisations who take up the services offered by Kia Puāwai will receive these services fully funded.

However, it is not just the charitable sector that can benefit from a wonderful programme as this.   Any business can reap the amazing benefits of a wellbeing boosting programme.

Kia Puāwai can help Waikato employers and employees build resilience and develop smart ways to manage stress using a work-based wellbeing routine that is simple, holistic and sustainable.

To find out more about how Kia Puāwai can tailor a Resilience programme for your organisation, visit the website, email on or Telephone on (07) 280 5611.

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