The Road to The Cardrona Horse Riding & 4×4 ATVs: A Guide to Unforgettable Stops

“It’s not just the destination, but the journey to get there that makes it worthwhile.”

The Cardrona Horse Riding & 4×4 ATVs, nestled amid the stunning landscapes of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, promises an adventure-filled destination. The journey from either Queenstown or Christchurch to this exciting locale is as thrilling as the destination itself, featuring scenic routes and charming stops.

From Queenstown:

The trip from Queenstown to The Cardrona Horse Riding & 4×4 ATVs is relatively brief, taking just under an hour via the Crown Range Road, New Zealand’s highest main road. This route offers breathtaking views and a sense of adventure as you climb and descend through dramatic mountain scenery.

A recommended stop is the Crown Range Summit Lookout, where you can soak in panoramic vistas of Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables. Descending towards Cardrona, take a moment to visit the historic Cardrona Hotel, one of the oldest and most iconic pubs in New Zealand, perfect for a quick refreshment or a meal in a picturesque setting. Just before you reach your destination, consider a visit to the Cardrona Distillery to sample handcrafted spirits and liqueurs.

From Christchurch:

The drive from Christchurch to The Cardrona Horse Riding & 4×4 ATVs is a longer journey, encompassing about 430 kilometres and taking approximately six hours. Begin your adventure with a stop in Fairlie, where the famous Fairlie Bakehouse offers some of the best pies in the region, ideal for a hearty start to your journey.

As you drive through the Mackenzie Basin, make sure to stop at Lake Tekapo to enjoy the stunning lake views and visit the iconic Church of the Good Shepherd. Continue through the rugged beauty of Lindis Pass, a high-country route known for its stunning tussock-covered hills and valleys.

Wanaka’s relaxed atmosphere and beautiful lakefront are perfect for a leisurely stroll or a coffee break, offering a moment of tranquillity before the final leg of your journey to The Cardrona Horse Riding & 4×4 ATVs. This route offers a mix of pastoral calm and wild landscapes, setting the stage for the outdoor adventures that await.

Both routes provide a visually stunning drive, dotted with unique stops that highlight the natural beauty and cultural heritage of New Zealand’s South Island, making the journey to The Cardrona Horse Riding & 4×4 ATVs as memorable as the activities awaiting you there.

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