Tips for boosting your work productivity with Tauranga’s provider of co-working spaces and office suites, SHARED.

Want to get the most out of your workday? Check out these tips on how to increase productivity and be your most productive self at work from Tauranga’s provider of flexible office and co-working space, Shared.

Learn all about monotasking. According to Forbes, research demonstrations that productivity can be reduced by as much as 40% by the mental blocks created when people try to multitask. Have a go at setting up your work desk and environment that encourages the performing of a single task at a time. “If you have a lot of tasks to compete, determine your priorities and allocate enough time for each task,” says Tony Snow, Founder and Director at Shared Workspaces.

Some of us are early birds and others night owls. The key to boosting your productivity is to your biggest tasks when you’re most alert. We are all guilty of sometimes ignoring some big goals or projects because we can feel overwhelmed by them. And generally, by the time we eventually start them, we’re too tired from the other work to give it the attention it needs. “This is how deadlines end up moving into extra days and making it feel like productivity has plummeted,” advises Angeline, Community and facility manager at Shared. By completing tasks in your personal peak productivity time, you can get those big projects done on time.

Physical activity enhances brain function, so why not break up your workday with exercise? The enhance brainpower that comes from getting the blood pumping gives you improved concentration, increased creativity, and quicker learning. A study from Leeds Metropolitan University discovered that 65% of workers who went to a gym at lunchtime were more productive and had better personal interactions with others than those who didn’t use the exercise at lunch.

During the past topsy-turvy year, statistics from recent US studies show that there can be a 13% increase in productivity from remote working. However, if you look deeper, on average for people that work 40 hours per week are only truly productive for 23 hours (3 days) in an office environment and just above 15 hours (2 days) in a home environment. One way to improve your productivity is to utilise a mix of remote working and office-based work or remote working in an office. Of course, commuting is another consideration in this as well as having the environment to facilitate this productivity.

Lastly, try to remember that you can’t expect to transform years of working habits overnight. “Try giving yourself little changes in how you work, then you can steadily work your way up to big improvements in productivity,” comments Angeline. Try selecting just one of these tips to start with and keep adding more as you find the best tactics that work well for you.

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