Trackgood Makes The MaTo Hemp Wash Bar One Of The Most Transparent Products In New Zealand

Transparency is a key part of the MaTo philosophy.

MaTo believes honesty is the best policy and has an incredible dedication to letting everyone know what goes into The Hemp Wash Bar’s journey, from growing hemp to shipping. 

MaTo is able to reach unrivalled levels of transparency and honesty by using the cutting-edge technology provided by Trackgood. 

It is as easy as scanning a QR code with your smartphone. Trackgood combines QR code technology and the blockchain which provides a permanent record of the journey a MaTo wash takes as it is created all the way from the farm where the Hemp is grown.

For MaTo this means that any customer with a smartphone can get instant information on the wash bar by simply hovering the camera over the QR code. This means that MaTo customers aren’t left in the dark about what goes into the Hemp Wash Bar.

While many businesses are telling you about the provenance of their product and giving you a story about their products MaTo are using the blockchain to show you. 

MaTo is giving 100% authenticity with their product’s journey and is using the blockchain to prove it.

In 2022 the idea of farm-to-table has become more prevalent than ever before and MaTo has flipped this concept into farm-to-bathroom.

When looking at MaTo’s Trackgood page you can see an actual map of New Zealand with large MaTo logos representing the two biggest parts of the journey the hemp farm in Taranaki and the manufacturing plant in Auckland. The journey is also written out like this on the page.

  • Growing – Grown under the sun in Normanby, Taranaki,  beside the Waingongoro River.
  • Processing – Our hemp seed is unrefined, cold-pressed with mechanical extraction perfection.
  • Manufacturing – Manufactured into a beautiful product in Auckland.

Contact MaTo:

Phone: +64 20 4137 9668